Chapter 2114

The wind was cold and the snow was falling.

Ye que stood on the snow, his ankles in the deep snow, and his eyebrows were stained with snow.

At the moment, how cold he is now, how crazy he is tonight.

Only the weapon of his own life in his hand still exudes warmth, which makes him feel that there is warmth in the world.

"Yeku, your soul is a little strange."

The system detects the whole body for ye Que and speaks out the doubts.

A wisp of vigilance flashed in Ye Que's eyes.

He remembers that after he got the "seed of the source world", he signed an eternal contract with the residual power of the ancient god of Taichu.

Then the seed disintegrated, turned into a gray brown fog, and penetrated into his soul sea.

At that time, he speculated that this might be the means of Taichu ancient gods.

"Tell me your opinion, eh..."

After thinking about it, ye said all about his trade with Taichu ancient god and the penetration of "Jieyuan seed" into the sea of souls.

"It's too careless of you to deal with him."

"All the information about Taichu ancient god comes from ancient sources, which may relate to the first years of the original god world."

"When it comes to the first years, all life needs to be awed. If you are too close to or trade with it, you and I can only be passive."

"Even if he claims to be a member of the ancient gods, he can't really believe that he is a member of the ancient gods."

"According to my judgment, he may be a pure blood Taichu life, coming from the first life when the divine world was born, which is called Taichu life."

"And Taichu life, also known as the congenital rule of life, of course, this can not be confirmed, I just hearsay."

As we all know, the source divine world is the first of all worlds, and there are a large number of true divine worlds below.

And the starting point of everything is the divine world.

Only when there is the source god world can there be the true god world, which is called the heaven world.

And "innate rules of life" Ye que thought of "regular life."

At the beginning, when he was protected by the rules of the God of utensils, the system talked about it for him.

At the time of the birth of yuanshenjie, a large number of congenital rules emerged.

These inborn rules set out all things in the universe and the complex relations between all things.

They make gold, wood, water, fire and earth coexist.

They allow time and space to permeate the world.

They give diversity to life.

They allow technology, magic and fantasy to coexist.

They allow laws to influence everything.

They are the ultimate makers of the universe.

Of course, they are not life.

And the eternal ancestor is the "rule life" cultivated the day after tomorrow, who has the qualification to define rules once.

It is easy to understand that "congenital life" is the first batch of life that originated from the congenital rules when the divine world was born.

It's an incredible existence. It's hard to say whether it really exists.

After a pause, the system searched for the information in the ancient memory. As soon as it was about to go on, it was opened by Ye Qiaoxian.

"I know for sure whether it's dangerous to trade with those incredible beings."

"It doesn't matter whether he is an ancient god or whether I am Taichu. You don't have to say it again."

Ye que smiles.

At the beginning, when he got the distribution map of the tomb of Taichu ancient god and the array that he could put together the body of Taichu ancient god, he decided that he would be OK.

The array, though profound, was simple.

Ye que has no doubt that even a mortal can see the use of that array.

This may be the magic of regular life to build an array.

The eternal ladder, there are mortal climbing deeds.

Some mortals go further than some gods, but they can't reach the summit due to their limited life span of one hundred years.

This shows that under the rules, everything is equal.

After all, in terms of rules, both God and human are the same.

And that array, he saw through the key and operation requirements at a glance.

It's an array created to piece together the body of Taichu ancient gods.

In the process of patching up, the array requires that nothing be mixed in.

Rules of life, can not tolerate the infiltration of foreign things, even if it is the source of God, in the eyes of the rules, it is just a waste and garbage.

In other words, what ye has always been worried about is that he will become the flesh body of the ancient god of Taichu. This kind of thing will not happen.

After all, he has someone else's left eye.

At the beginning, he thought about this. Later, when he saw the array, he felt at ease.

It is also based on this that he readily traded with the ancient god of Taichu.

"I help the resurrection of this existence, there must be a risk."

"But if you think about the system, what's the difference between the risk of resurrecting him and the risk that I've caused so much eternity?"Ye Dashao's mind is clear.

No matter what the Taichu God was.

What about Lao Tzu's resurrection?

Anyway, a group of eternal also provoked, he does not mind making a moth out.

The most important point is to raise Taichu God, who can get everything life wants.

That is immortality and immortality.

It's not just his income, his family, it's going to be income.

"I can't stay out of this for a long time. It's my way back. It doesn't matter whether he is a natural life, whether he is a very early life, or whether he is related to ancient gods."

Ye que continued to laugh.

The system thought for a while and gave an answer: "what the ancient god said is reasonable, but the way you left for yourself is too decisive."

"It's not necessary to revive him."

Ye que also talked about the eternal contract he signed with the ancient god of Taichu.

In the end, he added: "if he didn't add eternal contract at that time, I couldn't really agree!"

"Then I'm relieved."

System trace.

Ye didn't say much, and the system knew it.

Because they all know one thing.

According to the contract, the time for the resurrection of Taichu ancient god is until the old God died.

It's a contract without constraints and time limits.

It's up to him to decide whether the ancient god will revive or not.

"Maybe, he is releasing kindness to me, maybe he just takes me as one of the pieces, let me try to revive him."

Ye que felt these points from the contract.

"Have you forgotten that you offended eternity? Maybe what he values is that you offend many immortals. "

"In the future, if you become eternal, there will be a big crisis!"

"At this time, your only turning point is to revive him!"

"That's why he signed an eternal contract with you, that is, good will and no bondage."

The system says another deeper reason.

Ye que was suddenly surprised. This may be the reason why Taichu God chose him!

What he left for himself seems to be his own decision.

In fact, it may be the decision that Taichu God led him to make.

Ye lack of the super boos, and a little more awe, heart: "you are really my virtuous wife."

"It should be."

System trace.

"There's no need to say more about resurrecting him. With the passage of time, if one day I'm really driven to a dead end, I'll just resurrect him and let those beings settle the heavens, the world and all eternity!"

Ye Qiaoji is a bachelor.

If I'm in a hurry, I'll resurrect the super boos. Let's die together!

I am a source God, can let a group of eternal burial!


"Tell me about the haze released by the seeds of the source world and penetrated into my soul."

Ye que figured out the deep meaning of his trade with the ancient gods of Taichu, and then asked the system.

"I can only tell you that it's the greatest chance in your life to have Taichu ancient god help you open the seed of the source world. If you become eternal, your soul will have earth shaking changes!"

The affirmation of the system made ye qiaoa a little surprised, which made him believe that the trade with Taichu ancient god was a very wise choice.

"Then I don't have anything to worry about. It's not too late. You Zhibai, a girl, is leaving an empty room alone. How dangerous it is. I want to protect her!"

As soon as the big stone falls in Ye Que's heart, he gets excited.

Then he put away his weapons and sneaked into the ice and snow palace to take care of the defenceless girl.

[author's digression]: and (this chapter is the beginning chapter of the final volume of the book. Take a good look, circle the key points, cough, the end of the chapter is also very important, 86 is going up the mountain again)

this chapter is the beginning chapter of the final volume of the book

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