Chapter 2116

The snow is floating in the ice emperor's field, spreading layer after layer of silver.

Most of the newly built ice and snow palace collapsed and was covered with snow, which has a unique desolate charm.

And somewhere in the collapsed temple, ye Zhengzheng is in the body of heaven and earth, cultivating his body and mind, feeling Yin and Yang, looking for a balance between yin and Yang.

Heaven and earth in ancient gods.


The bed is rhythmic.

Ye que is above, she is below.


Young Zhi white eyes blurred lying on the bed humming, instep into a bow.

The tender and smooth skin of the whole body is shaking slightly uncontrollably.

Not long after that.

"Xiaobaibai, take it easy. I'll teach you new knowledge (posture) and knowledge (posture). It's a kind of Yoga action. It's good for you."

Ye que raised her two long legs close to her shoulders.

Youzhibai wakes up from a certain state, turns around and kicks, raises her hand and hits.

But all of a sudden, the big bed was pushed forward.

All of a sudden, she lost her strength, and let the leaf lack to control her. She hummed from time to time.

This night, the moon cloud eyebrows, green light sprinkled on the snow, emitting Zhanzhan light, will collapse half of the ice and snow palace, set off against each other's quiet and peaceful.

On the second day, the sky was slightly bright, and there was heavy snow again in the field of ice emperor. The collapsed ice and snow palace was empty and empty.

The snowstorm gradually covered the temple, as if to bury the people here and turn it into historical dust by the usual means of time.

Until late at night, the heavy snow faded away.

During the day of the third day, the snow stopped completely, and the sun hung in the sky, casting wisps of warm sunlight.

Suddenly, in the snow covered snow palace, there seems to be a powerful bombardment. After a few roars, the snow palace completely collapsed.

Then, a cold and resolute man came out of the collapsed temple.

The man looked at Wen Yang. Before he could stretch, a beautiful woman in white came out. She held a snow sword in her hand, and went straight to the man.

The leaf lacks SA Ya son to run, shout a way: "you how so stubborn!"

"Don't try to force me, you bastard. I'll kill you!"

The sweat and red rhyme on Youzhi's face did not disappear, so she put up her sword to kill.


With a touch of purple light on the sole of Ye Que's feet, he slipped out of the realm of ice emperor and disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.


Longhuang new God city.

Ye que didn't find it for a long time, and finally contacted Jiang Wanyue to find the exact location.

He went to see Mr. Pei.

Pei Ye is still in a coma. His face is much better than before, which makes Ye Ke feel relieved.

"Lord Ye, you've disappeared for two years. Those original gods who didn't dare to peep at the Dragon wasteland have been acting frequently recently."

Jiang Wanyue met again after a long separation, and her face was filled with joy. She only said that she was worried about the recent situation of longhuang.

At this point, she glanced at the little turtle on the table. The little turtle never moved, and seemed to have no response to everything outside.

In the past few years when the ancient god disappeared, she observed the little turtle and even took it back to her house.

But every time she bathed or changed clothes, the little turtle would take the opportunity to go back to peiye's room, which made her very curious.

Ye que looked at the little turtle next to the teacup. Well, it's still dozing.

"No problem. I'm here now. No one can move longhuang."

He sat at the table and asked Jiang Wanyue about longhuang and Jiuhuang pagodas in recent years.

Later, Jiang Wanyue leaves, and ye que asks the system carefully.

"When I was trapped, there was an eternal weapon outside to lock me, but you did it?"

Ye que wondered where the system could find the eternal weapon. It's too powerful.

The system will be told to the ancient gods.

It turned out that after he was trapped, the system went to the eternal mountain to invite the eternal ancestor in case of change.

But can the eternal ancestor be moved easily?

The system uses an ancient message as a transaction to move the eternal ancestor.

This is the eternal weapon to lock the trapped ancient god.

It's just that the system didn't expect that ye Da Shao was trapped in a place where he was very moist and moist.

If the system is delayed for a few more years and ye Dashao comes out, it will not be a single person, but a family of three.

"I also collected some information about what happened around Jiuhuang tower."

"The person who guards the Jiuhuang pagoda appeared last year and announced to the world that within three years, the Jiuhuang pagoda will open!"

"The number of people entering the Jiuhuang pagoda is limited, and the guardian is clear and open. There are only 23 people!"

Hearing this, ye que frowned slightly.

There are no 200 or so source gods in the world of source gods, and there are about 150. This is still the contemporary source gods.The sleeping, ancient and secluded top gods, even those of eternal mountain, are not included in this list.

The above is only from the divine world.

In the following many reals, there are definitely big men.

Just like the powers of the temple of mysteries, there are many hidden in the true god world.

When the Jiuhuang tower is opened, at least 70% or 80% of the super strong will show up.

There are only 23 places.

In the past three years, I'm afraid the source of the divine world will be bloodbath again.

Also at this time, the system added: "among them, due to historical reasons, each of the nine Eastern wastelands has a quota, and one quota, you can enter two people!"

Ye que eyebrows a pick, he nine waste tower, has been very curious.

In the Jiuhuang tower, there is the power to recover and repair all irreversible things.

On this treasure, unexpectedly no one snatched, all obediently waiting for the opening of the nine waste tower.

"What causes this? Even if the old man is strong enough to reach the top level, he will not be able to compete with the strong man of heaven and world. "

Ye que said his doubts.

"It's about eternity!"

The system details the legend of Jiuhuang tower.

It turns out that in the long period before the war between the mystery temple and the sentient beings, an eternal ancestor was born in the East Jiuhuang.

This eternal ancestor opened the door of eternity with love, and was honored as the eternal saint of love by the world at that time.

The eternal love saint is absolutely the most infatuated life in the world.

However, his lover's achievements are limited, and he can't stay forever.

For this reason, the eternal love Saint used many means.

The method of prolonging life was also used, and the effect was remarkable. Shengsheng made his lover live for 900 billion years.

But in the end, it still can't resist the passage of time. Shouyuan is exhausted, and the way of death disappears.

In this process, Jiuhuang tower was built by the eternal love saint.

It's made for his lover.

As long as his lover is injured and enters the Jiuhuang tower, he can recover all injuries.

Unfortunately, Jiuhuang pagoda can only repair all irreversible, can not save the lost life.

On the other hand, the eternal love saint is Jiuhuang's life. After the Jiuhuang tower was built, Jiuhuang was given nine places, each of which can be used by two people. It is still in use today.

"Why haven't I heard of such a big thing?"

Ye Que's heart moved. He had been in longhuang for so long. He didn't know anything about this legend.

Even the lives around Jiuhuang don't seem to know about it. They only know that Jiuhuang tower is amazing.

The system even knew, but it never told him.


This little whore is dishonest!

"it's extremely extreme to open the door of eternity with love. On the day of his lover's death, this eternal love saint's heart died. Without the idea of eternal life, he went with his lover."

"It is said that on that day, there was a rainstorm in the world, and the law wailed. When everything returned to normal, there would be no eternal love in the world."

"As far as I know, the flesh of the couple has been buried in the Jiuhuang tower."

When the system comes to this, the words are quiet, soft and delicate, and seem to be touched.

It's strange for ye que. Has the spirit turned to the opposite sex?

In doubt, his broad palm gently rubs the lines on the stick.

"According to you, I'm a little browed. Is the person guarding the Jiuhuang tower their offspring?"

Ye que thought it was really special, but the most moving things in the world are those ordinary and ordinary love.

"It's the descendants of future generations, but it's not clear what generation it will be. In a word, there is a great terror in the Jiuhuang tower. Whoever dares to violate the rules will die, and even if it is eternal, he will suffer a great loss."

The system has one answer and one answer. They are chatting like friends.

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