Hearing the commotion inside the tent, Mou Qing immediately pulled out his sword and emptied his hand. Only then did he remember that when he entered the Eastern Barbarian Camp, he had already unsheathed his sword outside of the s gate. The guards of Eastern Barbarian were also no pushovers, at the same time, they pulled out their swords and pierced towards Mou Qing.

Mou Qing tilted his body to let the tip of the sword pass, with a twist of his wrist, he grabbed onto one of the guards and unsheathed the sword in his hand, he was about to rush into the tent.

Then, the swords of the Eastern Barbarian soldiers, had already pierced towards Mou Qing!

Seeing that dozens of swords were about to pierce her body, Qi Yu took a few steps back and stole a glance at Helian Cheng. That guy's face was gloomy, she did not say a word to watch, and did not say a single thing to stop her.

Qi Yu was shocked. Damn it, this Helian Cheng really did not care about the rules at all. Didn't the ancient people have a lot of good faith? If the two countries fought each other and didn't cut down, wouldn't he be the only one who refused to comply?

No matter how fast Qi Yu retreated, the guards still moved as fast as the wind.

Qi Yu shouted loudly, "Helian Cheng, aren't you afraid of losing face if the news of you bullying a woman like this got out?"

"If he's afraid of losing face, he won't do anything to you!" A cold voice quietly rang out next to Qi Yu's ears.

Qi Yu was surprised and happy, Chu Yixuan? Did he really come?

A black figure flew in like a gust of wind, waving his sleeves and conjuring a large amount of energy. He actually managed to suck in the sword in the Eastern Barbarian Protector's hands, and with a sudden pull, he shook it, throwing the sharp sword towards the Eastern Barbarian Protectors!

The Eastern Barbarian guards who were in urgent need of life quickly dodged the sharp swords that were thrown back. Chu Yixuan's figure drew a circle in the air, stepped on the big tent and flew back, grabbing Qi Yu, and quickly flew out of the tent!

Helian Cheng was shocked, he immediately stood up and bellowed: "Catch the assassin quickly! Don't let them get away! "

The guards flew out to chase after him, meeting up with the rest of the Eastern Barbarian. Where's Xu Rouzhi? Unexpectedly, they were all gone!

Only Xu Rouzhi's followers were still fighting with the Eastern Barbarian soldiers, but with a sharp whistle, several war horses appeared out of nowhere and rushed frantically towards Helian Cheng's main tent!

The more daring ones flew up to try and control the war horses that were galloping over. However, when the war horses approached the group of people, they discovered that all of the war horses were tied with special armor, and all of the war horses had bright thorns sticking out of them. Once they got near, they would be pierced by the thorns until their heads bled!

The Eastern Barbarian soldiers panicked and did not dare to control their warhorses anymore. Mou Qing took the chance and flew up, stepping on the back of one of the warhorses, he quickly rushed out of the camp.

Helian Cheng was moved to a safe zone under the protection of the soldiers. He looked at the chaotic military camp and couldn't help but be angry and anxious. With a green face, he said, "What exactly happened here!"

"Commander, these horses are not ours! That demoness must have come prepared, and wanted to disrupt the order of my army! "

"Damn it!" Helian Cheng was incomparably furious. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Capture that witch for me. This marshal will tear her into ten thousand pieces!"

On the left side of the Kang City, at the foot of the Underground Eagle Mountain.

The warhorse had already stopped and let out two cheerful cries. Chu Yixuan slowly floated down to the ground while carrying Qi Yu: "Alright, it's safe now!"

The moonlight shone down from the horizon onto Chu Yixuan's body who was standing in the light from behind. His expression was somewhat gloomy, and could not be seen clearly, but the figure of his body that seemed like a holy light, was still extremely familiar.

Qi Yu stared at Chu Yixuan in a daze. After a long while, a teardrop fell down from her eyes.

"It's really you?" She choked.

"Otherwise?" He pretended to be indifferent.

Qi Yu immediately threw herself into Chu Yixuan's embrace and laughed while holding back her tears, "I knew you were still alive. I knew you were by my side protecting me. Chu Yixuan, why didn't you appear earlier, why?! "

"I say, why do you want to meet Helian Cheng even though you know that he doesn't follow the rules? So you want to use this opportunity to attract me to show myself?"

"Otherwise, are you planning to hide from me for the rest of your life?"

Seeing Chu Yixuan not saying a word, Qi Yu left his embrace, clenched his small fists and punched Chu Yixuan angrily in the chest: "Why are you hiding from me, Chu Yixuan? Why did you lie to me and make me think you were dead? Speak, why?! "

Chu Yixuan, however, did not answer her, and only gently patted her shoulders, "After separating for so long, you are still so mischievous, so insensible, so reckless. What should I say about you? "

"Answer my question first!" Qi Yu and Chu Yixuan said to each other.

Chu Yixuan sighed: "At that time, there was no other way. It just so happened that I was injured. In order to escape as quickly as possible, I had no choice but to feign death. "

"Were you really injured?" Qi Yu opened her eyes in shock.

"It's fine, the injury has already healed." Chu Yixuan smiled.

Fine! Although she suspected that he faked his death to get away, thinking about how he was really injured, and how his body was covered in blood in Lu Ming's arms, her heart still ached!

The blood was real, not the blood used in the act.

She held Chu Yixuan's hand quietly, "Since you are still alive, why didn't you appear? "Why don't you let me know you're still alive?"

Do you know how worried I am... Qi Yu swallowed her words.

However, Chu Yixuan laughed: "After all, I have your Big Brother Crown Prince overseeing the Kang City, so there's no need for me."

Hearing this, Qi Yu's heart once again ached, "How can you say that? Even though he's here, isn't it better if you're there?"

Chu Yixuan lightly said, "One mountain cannot hold two tigers."

Qi Yu was shocked, he … She couldn't really have that kind of thought, right?

Qi Yu didn't want to think further about it, so she changed the topic. "How did you know I was in danger? Where are you hiding? "

Chu Yixuan merely smiled, "I'm not in Kang City."

What did that mean? Did he want her to be at ease, that he wouldn't cause trouble at the Kang City, or what?

With this subtle thought, Qi Yu felt a lot more awkward.

She ruffled her hair. "Where are you staying?"

Of course, Chu Yixuan would not tell Qi Yu that he was sleeping in the open on top of the Underworld Eagle Mountain! No matter what, he was still a prince, a prince, and a respected royal relative. How could he be so down and out?

Just then, Lu Ming returned with a few of his subordinates along with Mou Qing.

"Your Highness!" Mou Qing happily bowed towards Chu Yixuan. Qi Yu looked at Mou Qing in shock, then looked at Chu Yixuan and pointed at him: "He is yours?"

Chu Yixuan laughed and nodded.

Mou Qing immediately bowed towards Qi Yu. "Due to the inconvenience, this subordinate has never publicly revealed my identity.

Qi Yu looked at Mou Qing in a daze, then looked at Chu Yixuan, "So … "So …"

"So what?" Chu Yixuan was suspicious.

Qi Yu was startled, "You placed your own subordinates by Feng Qingmo's side? Are you really going to compete with him for the position of the crown prince? "

The smile on Chu Yixuan's face slowly froze.

Mou Qing quickly said: "No no, the wangfei has misunderstood us, the prince did not have any malicious intentions by arranging this subordinate by the crown prince's side, it was purely because of the war between the two kingdoms, when using people, the prince wants to lend a hand to the crown prince, and retreat the enemy as soon as possible! This subordinate really did not … "

Chu Yixuan slowly pressed his hands together, stopping Mou Qing from continuing to argue. Mou Qing and Lu Ming looked at Qi Yu anxiously.

Chu Yixuan frowned, his gaze deep as he stared at Qi Yu: "Princess doesn't believe me?"

Damn it, if she didn't believe him, would she even bother defending him in front of Feng Qingmo?

Qi Yu said with a heart full of grief and grievance, "I believe you! But why are you hiding everything from me? So, you actually don't believe me? "

"Your highness naturally believes in the wangfei!" Lu Ming stood at the side, afraid that the Duke wouldn't be willing to explain himself and start another conflict with his imperial concubine, so he couldn't help but take a step forward and interrupt to explain to Chu Yixuan, "That night in Huang Sha Town, the Duke was really injured. That's why I took the prince away. At that time, I didn't have the time to tell the wangfei, and I couldn't tell her either, because if the wangfei came with us, it would be detrimental to the wangfei and put her in a dangerous situation. It was actually safer for the princess to be accompanied by Jun Jianshi at that time. So, after finding out that the prince pretended to be dead, we didn't send anyone to inform the princess that he was still alive. It's just that the prince's situation is too dangerous, he doesn't want to implicate her, and he doesn't want her to worry about him. "

"What else?" Qi Yu glanced at Chu Yixuan with teary eyes.

Chu Yixuan looked at her silently. Lu Ming explained from the side, "Later on, the Prince came to the Kang City as well. When he heard that Monarch Sword Master and Princess Hua-Yang had gone to the Yucai City, he was worried about the safety of the Consort Wangfei so he intentionally created some disturbance there to attract the attention of the Yucai City. In the end, the Eastern Barbarian sent troops over."

Qi Yu was startled, she looked at Chu Yixuan: "So you were the one who planned the plan for Kang City's capture?"

Lu Ming quickly replied: "Yes, Your Highness, I have also prepared for the battle. Princess Zhuo Hua was sent by us to invite you here in order to persuade Helian Jing to retreat. In the end, it was still good that the Crown Prince had managed to shake the entire Eastern Barbarian on the battlefield. The Duke had originally planned to escort Princess Zhuo Hua away like this, but because he was worried about Princess Hua-Yang, he left half a day late. In the end, Princess Zhuo Hua disappeared in the middle of the night! "

Qi Yu was startled: "That means, you don't know where Princess Zhuo Hua is now either?"

Chu Yixuan said, "I think, she should have found Helian Jing."

"Then where is Helian Jing?"

"The Uncle Lin is also bringing people to look for them. There will be a result."

Qi Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

She believed Lu Ming's words! No, she believed in Chu Yixuan.

She believed that Chu Yixuan would not use Princess Zhuo Hua to do anything, because he was not such a person. Although he had also fought against the Crown Prince and the Dou Xin Wang, they were the ones who tricked him first. He was merely retaliating in self-defense. He would not casually hurt the innocent, especially Princess Zhuo Hua who had a good relationship with him.

"Then …" Qi Yu gently reached out and touched his chest, "Have you recovered from your injuries?"

Chu Yixuan laughed, and gently grabbed her little hand: "I have a lot of injuries on my body. There are those who have recovered, and those who have not completely recovered, do you want to treat my injuries? "

"I can poison you!" She had a sharp tongue.

The corner of Chu Yixuan's mouth once again bloomed into a warm smile.

Seeing their master holding onto their hands and laughing, Lu Ming and Mou Qing looked at each other and laughed as if a burden had been lifted off their shoulders.