Chapter 1732

Qin Wuliang, they are far away from Jiuhuang hall at this time, so when they get the news from Jiang Fan, they immediately change their route and come to Jiang Fan.

If they really went to the Jiuhuang hall, I'm afraid they would be full of twists and turns. After all, this time they fooled Jiuhuang hall. When Qin Wuliang arrived there, if something happened, it would be difficult to solve it.

Jiang Fan's mood at this time is quite good. For him, Chen Tianxing can be his protector. After all, his means are very strange. He can do many things that ordinary people can't do, but Jiang Fan certainly can't let him continue to be a killer. Jiang Fan disdains this.

Chen Tianxing was obviously worried about Han Qianxue's inheritance, but he didn't say it, and Jiang Fan didn't ask. He believed that he would take the initiative to say it as soon as the time came, but if there was no accident, it should have something to do with the people behind him, otherwise he would never react like this.

It's not far for the monks to leave the dust area. In less than half an hour, that group of people had already appeared in the public eye.

Because there are Lingbao to determine the position of both sides, the other side is also very accurate to the front of the ban.

This prohibition is just to isolate the breath and hide the body. It has no defensive power. It's easy to walk in when you get close to it. Moreover, the visitors are all masters of the world, and there are more people than the Jiemai sect.

However, from their appearance, it can be determined that they are not from the same force, but at this time, they are all covered and did not fully reveal their identity.

But Shen Yan and they can recognize several of them. After all, there are not many experts who leave the dust world in the next nine days, so their identity is not a secret.

When a group of 11 people came into the forbidden system and saw the people of jiemaizong, they stood firm, glanced at them, and finally fell on Chen Tianxing.

It was a relief to see that he was OK.

But Jiang Fan felt that some of these people were looking at themselves with the intention of killing. Although it was not obvious, he could feel it clearly with his strong perception.

But Jiang Fan didn't pay much attention to it. He knew that the monk should be the ninth in the group.

Huo Chen's generation is the biggest. He said directly: "since he's here, remove the disguise and show his true face!"

Wan Chen took the lead to take off his face towel and said to Huo Chen, "you all have solved the problem of Gongfa in jiemaizong. Now you have recovered your appearance and almost recovered your vitality. Congratulations, but did you let my third brother go first this time?"

Huo Chen said: "it's nothing to congratulate us, but you just want us to let people go. Do you not pay attention to us? If you fight, I promise none of you will be able to leave. "

Huo Chen's tone is very impolite.

Wan Chen said, "don't be angry! We're not here to fight. We're here to solve the problem. We really let the third man deal with Jiang Fan, but there are other reasons. Today we want to solve the problem completely. "

With that, Wan Chen looks at Jiang Fan.

"Do you still remember me?"

Jiang Fan said: "I really didn't have any impression of you before, but Chen Tianxing has done something to me several times, and I already thought that you are behind me. What I want to find out this time is not you, but other people. It's OK to solve the problem. How do you want to solve it?"

Wan Chen said simply: "we want to keep Lao San's life. You killed my disciple and he was also my nephew. It's your blood debt. We have no problem with you. We promise today that we will not deal with you in the future. Let's expose that matter and let my third brother be free. What do you think? "

When Jiang Fan heard this, he sneered: "there is a reason for everything. If you don't die, you won't die. Even if you give me a hundred more choices, your bastard disciple will surely die. As for this time, you sent someone to ask us to meet and solve this matter. I never want to go to you to solve it. As long as I want to find someone to help me, you will not even be able to solve the problem in the future You can't take a step, can you believe it? "

Chen Tianxing heard that the tone of the two sides was not good. He knew Jiang Fan's means very well. He also knew that Jiang Fan did what he said. If Wan Chen really provoked Jiang Fan, he would not dare to think about what Jiang Fan could do.

"Brother, let's go! He won't kill me or send me to Jiuhuang hall. If he wanted me to die, I would have fallen. I'll take responsibility for the attack on him alone. Jiang Fan just wants to see your identity just in case. "

Wan Chen and others did not expect Chen Tianxing's words, but they also found that Chen Tianxing's breath had recovered. They had inquired before and confirmed that Chen Tianxing had been sealed and could not mobilize his spiritual power.

Unexpectedly, Chen Tianxing's aura was abundant at this time, and it was obvious that the seal had been lifted.

But this makes them even more confused. The reason is very simple. Chen Tianxing's strength and means are so many that they all know that as long as he can mobilize his spiritual power, there are many ways to escape. There is no need to stay with Jiang Fan, and they don't need to reveal their identities.

The old nine frowned and said, "third brother, did you betray us? Are you cooperating with Jiang Fan to lead us here on purpose? "Hearing this, Chen Tianxing was also stunned and frowned: "is that what you think of me? In your eyes, your third brother, I will betray you? "

Chen Tianxing is a little angry. He obviously didn't expect that the other party would ask such a question.

Wan Chen appeared to be more calm and said directly, "third brother, your seal has been lifted?"

Chen Tianxing didn't hide it. He said directly: "yesterday I talked with Xiao Fan for a long time. In fact, I've solved the problem. I've become his protector. He won't trouble you any more after the past events are written off. Today I'll let you come here just to make him feel more at ease. So elder brother doesn't need to be so strong. I've made clear the causes and consequences of everything. That's right There's something wrong with what the kids do. "

With that, Chen Tianxing takes out the Lingyu with Jiang Fan's memory and throws it to Wan Chen.

He then said: "everything is in it. I don't need to investigate any more. Although Xiaofan's hand is really merciless, we did ambush him. If he wasn't strong enough, he would have fallen down long ago. I can bear all the consequences by myself, but it's no shame to be his protector. Jiemai sect is now in office The patriarch is his protector. I'm just a killer in trouble. "

Wan Chen didn't answer him immediately, but felt the memory in the Lingyu by using Lingli.

On the other side of the old nine heard this, some anger: "I now see, he is not unable to kill Jiang Fan, but deliberately let him go! He must have betrayed us, damn it

When the woman heard this, she said angrily, "Lao Jiu, shut up. It's not because of you that he has come to this end? Because of your precious son! Third brother can never betray us

At this time, Wan Chen had already felt it, and his brow was locked. Finally, he gave the Lingyu to another man and the woman who had just spoken.

Lao Jiu walked directly to them and said anxiously, "let me have a look!"

At this time, Wan Chen said: "old nine! You don't have to watch it! Just calm down

The woman and the other friar frowned and looked a little silent after reading it. Finally, their eyes fell on Jiang Fan, which was a little complicated.

Chen Tianxing looked at Jiang Fan: "can I talk to them alone? My elder brother, they are all reasonable people. I believe they won't embarrass you any more. In addition, I really have a little private matter to ask you. "

Jiang Fan nodded: "of course, no problem. You can go with them. Anyway, I already know their identity. As long as they don't take the initiative to trouble me, I won't deal with them. I'll do what Jiang Fan says."

"I understand!"

With that, Chen Tianxing left alone and asked Wan Chen and others to follow him.

A group of people followed him to leave, only that Lao Jiu Lin looked at Jiang fan when he left.

After the crowd left, Shen Yan said: "it's really hard to think that Chen Tianxing is actually a group of people behind him. Some of them have very special identities. They are even the lineage of a powerful family and have a very high status. There is another evil cultivation that many forces fear, and the others are also famous figures. If they didn't show up on their own initiative, we don't know how many years it would take to find out their identities. Because there is almost no connection between these people, it seems that the special inheritance they got at that time is also very strange, but I don't know what private matters Chen Tianxing and they still have to solve. "

Jiang Fan said: "we don't have to worry about those things. I also want to know. Later, he may tell us directly."


On the other side, the old nine was furious.

"Big brother! second elder brother! Fourth sister! Why don't you let me see what happened that day! "

The woman said: "he really did something he shouldn't have done. He touched a man's scales. Jiang Fan couldn't have kept his hand, otherwise he couldn't have grown up to the present situation."

The more taciturn second said directly: "if it's me, it will also be directly wiped out, it won't give anyone face."

When Lao Jiu heard this, he was obviously stunned. If Jiang Fan was the only one who said that, he might not believe it. But now several people have said that, and they are all people he trusts very much. It can be seen that things are definitely worse than he thought.

Chen Tianxing said, "if you want to see it, take it and watch it. I have something else to ask you."

After hearing this, Wan Chen and others couldn't figure it out. They didn't know what Chen Tianxing wanted to say.

Lao Jiu hesitated, but then he took the Lingyu and held it tightly in his hand.

But in the end, he gave up looking at the memory. He didn't want to see his son killed.

He held the jade tightly, his voice trembling.

"What do you want to ask, just ask!"

Chen Tianxing said: "it's not Jiang Fan who killed your son at all. Jiang Fan just married him in the end. It's you who killed him." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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