Chapter 1734

That woman is a heretical practitioner who has left the world. He is very sensitive to the breath of magic skill. She almost instantly feels the power of Jiang Fan's skill. The breath he releases is absolutely different from that of ordinary heretical practitioners.

Jiang fan then scattered the magic formula, and everything returned to its original appearance.

"Now you wonder why I can feel your breath?"

The woman shook her head decisively, then said with a smile: "I heard my third brother say that you also have evil cultivation around you. After that, I just have nothing to do and have no goal. Do you still need help? What do you think of me, sister? "

Jiang Fan simply shook his head: "no way!"

The woman looked at Jiang Fan in surprise, obviously did not understand why he refused so decisively.

"What do you mean? Don't you accept evil cultivation? "

Jiang Fan said: "the smell of blood on you is too heavy. I'm afraid you've practiced by means of evil cultivation in three months. I can't accept you. In the next five years, if you don't have blood debts, you can suppress the desire of evil cultivation in your body. I can accept you."

The woman frowned. She didn't expect that Jiang Fan's perception was so strong. To reach her realm, it didn't really need the special means of evil cultivation to improve her realm. In particular, some powerful evil cultivation would deliberately avoid this aspect of cultivation. Only in this way can they improve their cultivation and make their limit stronger.

But it's also a kind of mental torture to them, because you are used to bloodthirsty or some other way in their cultivation, which is difficult to change.

If they really want to use those special methods to practice, they may not know how many lives they need to kill at a time in order to improve them. But that will inevitably lead to death. Rich families will not allow such evil cultivation to exist.

Therefore, when the evil cultivation reaches a certain level, it will keep a low profile and rarely make trouble on its own territory.

The blood of this woman is not very strong, but Jiang Fan still won't accept it easily. After all, she is different from Gu Xie. Although he practices evil cultivation, he is not evil cultivation. He doesn't even have the method of evil cultivation. He is a pharmacist and has a reverence for life.

Chen Tianxing looked at the woman: "can you do as Jiang Fan said?"

The woman nodded: "of course! But I really haven't had blood debts for decades. I really offended a lot of people in those years. I usually only use monsters when I eat meat! "

Chen Tianxing obviously trusted the woman, and then said: "in your realm, you can absolutely suppress the murderous. You go to find a place to shut up and come back to me in five years!"

The woman frowned and said, "third brother, after five years, you will go to Jiuhuang with Jiang Fan. Where can I find you then? I can't go to Jiuhuang! "

Jiang Fan said: "at that time, you can find a young man to go to Jiuhuang and ask him to send news to Tiange. When I get the news, I will take you to Jiuhuang."

Although women are reluctant, they don't know what to say at this time.

Chen Tianxing said, "don't you have a place to go? I'll let you find a good place to be a Taoist. You don't listen to me all the time. "

The woman didn't have a good way: "I have so many enemies, how dare I settle down in one place? You don't want me to be besieged by experts, do you

At this time, one side of the Huo Chen mouth.

"After that, we will leave for the next nine days and follow Jiang Fan to Jiuhuang. If you don't dislike it, you can go to jiemaizong and shut up. We have big array and auxiliary cultivation array. No one will disturb us. There are only a few servants. If you don't like it, just give them some treasures and dismiss them. But you can't hurt those people, or we'll be the first to let you go! "

Hearing this, the woman was surprised. The Jedi of jiemaizong was a treasure land, and everything was ready-made. She didn't have to prepare anything at all. It was really an excellent place to shut up.

"So willing?"

Huo Chen said: "since you choose to leave, there's nothing you don't want to give up. What's more, it's useless to keep it there. If you can't take it away, you'll be sent away. What's more, if you want to be Xiaofan's helper, we'll just give you a chance. Whether you can grasp it or not depends on you. That's all we can help. But to tell you the truth, you are different from the evil cultivation around Jiang Fan. I don't think you can stand killing! "

The woman said, "just see if I want to."

Then she held out a hand.

"Give me a token first, and I don't want to waste time. I'll go there and find a place to shut up now. You can rest assured that I won't mess in it."

Huo Chen found out a token and gave it to her.

The woman put away her token and looked at Chen Tianxing.

"Third brother, you have to wait for me in Jiuhuang. I'm sure I'll go to see you. As for Laojiu, I believe elder brother will calm him down."

Chen Tianxing nodded, and then gave some advice.

After listening, the woman looks at Jiang Fan.

"I promise you that you won't get blood debt again in five years. I hope you can keep your word and accept me as a witch. I'll see you in five years!"Jiang Fan did not forget to remind: "I can not say within five years, five years is only a maximum limit, after that, just like ordinary monks, only cut the people who should be cut, in addition, I don't care too much about monsters, I just want to see your mind and endurance!"

Without waiting for the woman to speak, Chen Tianxing said: "Xiaofan, I know the nature of Laosi very well. She just went a wrong way. She is not evil and she is decent. I believe her!"

The woman was obviously very happy to hear this, then she turned and left, and soon disappeared in the sight of everyone.

She's finished what she wants to say. She's going to use facts in the past five years.

After the woman left, Chen Tianxing said, "what's the next plan? Do you want me to leave for a period of time to hide and take me with me? It's very likely that there will be a big problem. Now there are many people who want to give me advice. And I'm afraid Jiuhuang hall won't expose it so easily. "

Jiang Fan said: "well, your hiding method is very strong. I have seen it with my own eyes. I just need to change my identity. We'll wait for three people here before we decide what we're going to do next. "

Speaking of this, Jiang Fan looked at Shen Yan: "master Shen, do you have any plans? Why don't you go out for a walk and ask for your help when I need it? Maybe we won't stay for a long time in the next nine days. "

The people of Jiemai sect don't know what Jiang Fan's plan is. They are happy to learn the news. It means a lot to them to go to Jiuhuang.

As for Chen Tianxing, he has got back his treasure bag from Shen Yan. He finds out the mask and uses the secret method to take it with him. He changes himself and becomes a young man of the same age as Jiang Fan again. After the breath is suppressed, there is only Shentai state.

Even Shen Yan and others can't see any flaws in their close feelings. It can be seen that the method of changing looks is not weak, which is why Jiang Fan dares to take him with him.

Shen Yan and others know that a group of people really have too big a goal, and they have other things to do.

Since they have accepted Chen Tianxing, they need to spread the news of the killer's escape. After all, so many experts are staring at the situation here, so they have to do a full set of plays.

Shen Yan and they know Jiang Fan's plan and don't stay any longer. They leave together and release the news as soon as possible. Then they continue to threaten to catch the soul chasing bow.

Only Jiang Fan and Chen Tianxing were left.

Chen Tianxing said, "I'm afraid no one will believe that I will stay with you."

Jiang Fan said with a smile: "on that day, you ambushed me in the red moon gate. The owner of the red moon gate could see it clearly. The news had already spread, so absolutely no one would think that I can forgive you. It's safer for you to stay with me. I think even if I take you to Jiuhuang hall, the experts there may not be able to see through your identity."

Chen Tianxing was embarrassed to hear this: "are you sure you want to take a risk? There may be some special means to identify me in the Jiuhuang hall. After all, my method of changing appearance relies on foreign things, and it's not really impeccable. "

Jiang Fan said: "don't worry. If it's not necessary, I won't take you to Jiuhuang hall. Master Shen, they are leaving now. I have to tell you about my plan. On that day, I helped many talented people break through the bottleneck, and some of them were almost unable to complete the breakthrough. I promised to help them complete the breakthrough, so next I plan to help the last ones complete the breakthrough, and then I will go directly to Tianding mountain, where I have something I am curious about. I will take you back after finishing it Return to the nine wastelands. "

Chen Tianxing looked at Jiang Fan in surprise and said directly, "Tianding mountain? What are you doing there? It's not a place where you can mess around. I think you can understand how difficult it is without me reminding you

Jiang Fan said with a smile: "don't worry. I'm not going to die. You don't have to go there with me, so you don't have to worry too much. Just wait for me to show up. Just in case, I'll take you away for the first time. When you get to Jiuhuang, Tiangao is far away from the emperor. You don't have to be afraid of the friars of Tianding mountain, I still have some background. "

Chen Tianxing said: "in any case, you should be careful. I don't want to be your protector and have to be buried for you. Are you sure you don't need Shen Yan's protection?"

"It's enough to deal with emergencies with you at ordinary times. As for the affairs of Tianding mountain, it's useless for you. It's useless for Shen Yan. You can't deal with the monks who leave the top of the world! But I'm not very worried. After all, I already have some means to deal with it, so you don't have to worry too much. "

Chen Tianxing said, "it shouldn't be too late. Let's leave. What are we doing here?"

"Wait for my companion for a moment!"

Although I don't know who Jiang fan is waiting for, Chen Tianxing doesn't worry. He stands beside Jiang Fan quietly, perceives the surroundings carefully, and is very attentive.

Jiang fan can observe Chen Tianxing's situation carefully all the time. He can almost be sure that Chen Tianxing is much more powerful than he imagined. Moreover, he is more reassuring than Shen Yan when he is around him. After all, their way of perception is completely different. Chen Tianxing hardly misses any chance or distracts himself. He is really a good guardian. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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