24 red dungeon

sleeping for the two days after entering the new ' home ' and under the protection of the 8 professional living - walking dead no one or anything comes near the house ,

long houg , sitting in the garden of flowers and remembering his first time meeting his mother, it was his greatest and happiest moment for him but a good time can't remain forever , only after remember his mother the information about where are their souls are now come to him mind

blue sky this is the name of the world where his mother and father soul being torturing , long hong was thinking after control the lost island and have the powerful army of living- walking dead can help hem to save his mother and father souls

but reality destroy his dream as soon as he enters this new world , the arson plants where the white horse city located and where his new ' home ' , is only a small world of rank 3 and for the blue sky world which is a rank 9 they have hundreds of rank 3 worlds under its control

knowing this information didn't move him from his goal or shake his self-confidence to Become a strong man ,

walking in the garden long hong was in deep thinking about how to use the abilities of little red and the situation of these new plants

for long hong the red house is out of use now so only the red dungeon can be used and for now,it's the only way for him to build his force in the dark far away from the will of the universe

with the use of the red dungeon ability then the way to other plants will open for him and he can start building The foundation of his goal of revenge

Even if this ability will open the way to other plants but little red can't know what the rank of these plants is or if it's near the blue sky or far away from it , all about luck . But there is a fatal danger and great cost to use this ability .

the fatal danger is that because the use of red dungeon will alert the will of arson plant which is part of the will of the universe , because the great number of plants the universe will can't manage all the planets by itself but she will but parts of her will inside this plant so she can control them all and no one can run away from her , you can say that the universe will is not ' one will' but a thousand and hundreds of thousands of Different will and each will have one goal and that is to become a stronger world even if it's

mean to destroy the will of another plant , lead to create a Compete for life and freedom between the weak and the strong , eliminate or control the weak creatures which lead them to become tools for others or force them to increase their strength and in the same time the powerful one gain strength through battles and fighting ,

In this way, the will of the universe becomes stronger and at the same time control everything her hand can reach

the alert of a plant will can lead to many problems that will come from every part of this plant to hit him , for example, the arson plant if its will becomes alert and you just want to take a walk in the city ,the will of arson can lead some ideas in many trouble maker which lead for your money be stolen or something worse than that like fighting with the son of a strong man which lead to your death

the people will not kill you or steal from you without a reason and this reason the will of the plant can but it in their minds

alert the will of a plant leads to Endless problems

that why when long hong come to this city, and when he was getting ready to use the red dungeon, he makes for sure that everything and everyone is as far as they could be To reduce the risks of making problems , maybe the will of arson will alert and then ignore him or maybe it will do a big thing it's all in the hand of the arson will if she is busy then problems will come if not then the luck is with long hung .

no one will give you a free lunch , if i give you something then you should do something to me , to build the red dungeon the red souls system needs the energy to do so, and this energy is the soul of Creatures that was killed by the red soul Creatures , with soul energy the red soul system can do almost everything

The living - walking dead before they could not even say a word and only know how to attack like a brainless monster , but with the energy of souls that come from killing almost a million people in the fallen city ., long hong makes hundred of them professional but for some reason, all that he can awaken them is a swordsman professional and they can't be a higher rank than him

but to strengthen them long hong bay for everyone of this hundred professional a thousand soul's energy , that means he spends a hundred thousand of energy just to transfer a hundred living - walking dead , but the million of people

who die in the fallen city just give him only 350,000 which mean a normal person can give him Less than 0,5 of soul energy, and making a red dungeon he needs 200,000 of soul energy and because he will be a poor man soon, he lets half of the 100 sword professional , each one of them lead another normal living - walking dead and take them into the forest of the beast under the lead of the city lord man they will kill the monsters and increase his soul energy

for normal people, if you have the money you can do anything and for red soul system if you have soul energy you can do everything you want , the biggest problem that until he leaves the arson world, he can't use the soul energy to strength himself

The path of strength is full of obstacles and challenges

" the gate is open my lord "

with the voice little red a golden -red gate suddenly appears in front long hong

" everything will start from this moment "


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