Gu Minghong! Gu Yi!

These two people both had the surname of Gu, could it be that Gu Yi was Gu Minghong's daughter!

After Huyan Aobo made this guess, he immediately confirmed the truth of the matter. So it was like this, then everything she had done now could be explained.

Huyan Bie stared at Gu Shiyi, and instantly felt that she was real.

Gu Shiyi guessed that with Cheng Suyi's ability to predict, her reaction must have been because the plague brought by the people of Silver Prefecture was extraordinary, causing her to leave in such a hurry. Furthermore, at the time of Cheng Suyi's departure, she was still in Cheng Suyi's residence.

This meant that after Cheng Suyi left the venue, she did not return to the residence. If she was Cheng Suyi, her only choice was to completely leave the place that was likely to be infected.

Gu Shiyi turned her back to Huyan Bie, and continued to hypothesize that Cheng Suyi might have walked down the road. Since she was so afraid of getting infected by the plague, then Cheng Suyi must have left from the northern side of the road.

After thinking this, Gu Shiyi immediately ran towards the north without saying a word.

Maybe only until now did Gu Shiyi feel that the ancient people's Qing Gong were actually quite useful. If she could learn it, she wouldn't run away like that.

However, after three years of training and those few months of special training, her physical strength had already reached a very good level.

Huyan no longer watched as Gu Shiyi suddenly ran towards the north like a rabbit. After being stunned for a moment, she tapped her toes and activated her movement technique to chase after him.

At the same time, Huyan Wu was also guessing why Cheng Suyi would be on this path, it was just that, why was Gu Shiyi running so fast, he couldn't even use her Qing Gong to catch up to her.

When Huyan Bie finally caught up to Gu Shiyi, Gu Shiyi was standing beside a pit trap in a daze.

It was filled with corpses, fragments of clothes, and blood soaked in the ground. It was a tragic sight, even someone who had experienced much in the battlefield would feel uncomfortable looking at it, but he never expected Gu Yi to be so calm.

Although the position of the trap was extremely abnormal, what did all of this have to do with Cheng Suyi?


Hu Yan turned his head and looked at Gu Shiyi, wanting to see clearly what she was thinking.

"Cheng Suyi has been here before!"

Gu Shiyi frowned, she kept feeling that something was amiss.

"How do you know?"

Huyan didn't seem to be surprised, it was a mess inside, and what did Gu Yi use to guess.

"Look over there, that's a fragment of Cheng Suyi's clothes!"

In the place that Gu Shiyi pointed, there was a palm-sized golden cloth.

"How can you be so sure that it's Cheng Suyi's? What if it's the same thing?"

Huyan no longer asked further, there must be a reason why Gu Shiyi was so sure.

"Perhaps you do not know, that the golden cloth is called Jin Yan Jin, it is unique to the brocade pavilion known as Cheng Suyi, but it is only given to Cheng Suyi!"

Other than the information that the Thousand Star Pavilion had given her, Gu Shiyi had also investigated it herself. She had even seen this kind of Gold Flame brocade clothing in Cheng Suyi's dorm room, and remembered its color, texture, and characteristics.

That was why she was so sure now.

"In that case, what then?"

Huyan didn't know that Gu Shiyi was so meticulous with her work, but he never expected her to be able to observe so much details, which truly surprised him.

"From the surface, Cheng Suyi should be dead!"

Gu Shiyi muttered to herself. If it was really like this, then it was very good.

"And the facts?"

Huyan Bie did not want the answer, but Gu Shiyi's serious expression made him enchanted.

"From the degree of humidity and weathering of the soil, it should have been freshly dug in the past few days. The location of this pit, on the public roads, this is even more impossible, so this must have been specially prepared for someone, or Cheng Suyi!"

After Gu Shiyi said this, she stopped for a moment, and her gaze started to look around the pit.

"If this is really prepared for Cheng Suyi, then the condition is that Cheng Suyi must definitely leave the city, and must definitely go this way. Furthermore, when we were in the city just now, we didn't hear anything about the victims and the plague, so from the very beginning, this whole thing was just a trap to lure Cheng Suyi in, and the other party spent so much effort, so it was impossible to kill her so easily! "

Therefore, Cheng Suyi was taken away by someone, and a strange light flashed across Gu Shiyi's eyes, she now felt that the truth was as she had said.

Cheng Suyi had not died!

"What are you going to do now?"

Huyan Bie had already guessed Gu Shiyi's identity. Now that Cheng Suyi's whereabouts were unknown, even if Gu Shiyi wanted to look for him, where should she start from?

"Recover your Capital Xia!"

Gu Shiyi's somewhat dejected gaze suddenly turned fierce. She could run away, but not the emperor!

Huyan Bei nodded his head, that was what he had planned to do, but by the time they reached the city gates, they had already sealed them.

At this moment, there were many citizens who had left the city before the city was sealed. They were gathered together, discussing the shocking scandal that had spread out from the Assembly of Four.

Gu Shiyi Huyan stood at the side and more or less heard about what had happened.

So now, Situ Yu also escaped.

Gu Shiyi suddenly felt a little depressed. Didn't she just want to take revenge? Why was it that her enemies had all disappeared one after another? How could she possibly take revenge for this?

However, the only thing that made Gu Shiyi feel at ease was that Situ Yu was no longer the emperor. Furthermore, it was not only her who wanted to kill him, Situ Ming wanted to kill him too.

But Situ Ming, could he kill Situ Yu?

Gu Shiyi's heart began to faintly worry. She kept having the feeling that, with Situ Yu's abilities, he would definitely escape.

She was sure that they were extremely familiar with each other before they teleported, but Gu Shiyi had a hunch that the truth was probably not a good memory.

Since they were familiar with each other, she should have known Situ Yu well in the past. If she was Situ Yu, what could she do?

Gu Shiyi stood at the bottom of the city wall, raising her head to look at the guard above with a solemn face.

A ray of the setting sun hit Gu Shiyi's face, causing her face to shine with a tinge of radiance, making her dark face look more lively. Huyan Don't look at Gu Shiyi like this, it's a mistake to not open her eyes.