C34 Appointment

Appointment (1)

In the blink of an eye, Li Wu had already been living in the Military Region General Hospital for almost a week. In these few days, Yang Anyi would come to check up on him every single day. Although he finished checking every single time, no problem, Yang Anyi would go back to his office and continue working. But over the course of these many days, Li Wu, Yang Anyi and the Class monitor He slowly became acquaintances. During the process of inspection, everyone would occasionally make a few jokes and boast. But today was different from usual. It was rare for the Doctor Ding s who came to personally inspect the room to come with Yang Anyi today.

This Doctor Ding who had worked for dozens of years was a very good doctor. He had a good chat with every patient and every doctor in the hospital, and would occasionally help a few people who came to the military region to receive treatment. The "marriage victim" who was fighting on the border of the motherland acted as a mediator among the staff in the hospital, as if he was only a month old.

Amongst the matchmakers in Doctor Ding, the most important one was Yang Anyi. This girl looked very cultured, he did not like to talk, and his smiling appearance was very pretty. From time to time, there would be some among the soldiers healing in the hospital asking Doctor Ding if he had a boyfriend. From the private army, to the sergeants who were already old, to the young lieutenants who had just graduated from the military academy and were assigned to the border guards, a whole bunch of them would be enough to form an enhanced company.

In the end, every time Yang Anyi went to investigate, even the aunties, aunties and the like would have to discuss something with her. The grandson of some great aunt, the eldest cousin of a daughter, the second brother of a daughter-in-law were all to be so outstanding.

But no matter who it was, Yang Anyi would always nag and say that he was young, and not in a hurry to find a boyfriend. However, everyone was extremely zealous, as if they were afraid that she would become a retarded woman.

In fact, even the Doctor Ding felt that this girl was not bad. She was serious and willing to endure hardships, unlike those little girls in society who would shirk their duties and refuse to go. Furthermore, Yang Anyi was also a graduate from the famous Military Medical University, so he did all sorts of work quickly.

The moment they walked out of the office and into the corridor of the Inpatient Department, the Doctor Ding began again:

"Little Yang, do you like being the boyfriend of people younger than you?"

Hearing that, Yang Anyi knew that the Doctor Ding was about to start bombarding her again. He swallowed his saliva and said: "Doctor Ding, what do you want to say?"

Seeing Yang Anyi's expression, which revealed quite a bit of unwillingness, the Doctor Ding stammered and said:

"Oh, it's nothing, it's just, my son, he's already in his third year, he …"

At this time, Yang Anyi's face was already close to contorting, he was standing at the side with his eyes staring at Doctor Ding in disbelief.

"Never mind, never mind. Let's go." Doctor Ding was a little disappointed, but he did not blame him. She was about to graduate, but her son was only in his third year. It was indeed a bit of an exaggeration.

They arrived at a ward that was specially arranged for Li Wu in the military district to be easy to recuperate in. He coincidentally met Class monitor He who was carrying some tea eggs back from outside. Since he had not found the time to check up on Li Wu, Doctor Ding did not know that Class monitor He had always been staying at the general hospital to take care of Li Wu. He thought that Class monitor He had already returned. Seeing Class monitor He, Doctor Ding asked passionately as if he had seen an old friend: "Oh, isn't this Little He? "Why hasn't he returned yet?"

"Reporting to Doctor Ding, I have never returned back to the team, Commander ordered me to take care of Li Wu here. I just went out to buy some Herbal Tea Eggs for Li Wu. This guy has lost a lot of blood, I need to eat a lot of eggs to make up for it! " The Class monitor He smiled honestly and replied to the question raised by the Doctor Ding.

Doctor Ding laughed, as if he remembered something from the past, and said to Class monitor He:

"Looking at Li Wu's current appearance, do you remember yourself back then?"

Class monitor He laughed lightly, and said: "Sigh, a good man does not mention what happened back then, just let it go where it went!"

"Yeah, it's been so many years …" Right, Little He, do you have a girlfriend? " Doctor Ding seemed to have thought of something and asked.

Class monitor He rubbed the back of his head, laughing and mocking himself: "Not yet, just with my work and appearance, which girl would fall for it?"

Hearing that, Doctor Ding became agitated, immediately pointing at who was beside him: "This is the one I told you about before, the one who was even more heavily injured than Li Wu. Look at him, he's so energetic now, he's even served in the special forces before."

Seeing the Class monitor He in front of him, who was clearly over twenty years older than him, Yang Anyi knew that this old man had suffered from an old illness and so he reminded him, "Doctor Ding, we should go check out the room. Let's check it out for Li Wu first."

"Oh, right. Look, I'm so happy to see Little He that I forgot all about the important matters." Entering the ward, Doctor Ding asked Li Wu: "How is it, young lad? Does the wound still hurt? You must learn from your Class monitor He. "

Li Wu did not speak. Instead, he smiled and matched up with Doctor Ding and Yang Anyi's routine in asking about his body condition, taking his temperature and taking his blood pressure. After everything was checked, the Doctor Ding asked Li Wu: "How are you feeling today?"

"It's done. No problem at all. When can I leave the hospital?" Li Wu had been staying in the sickroom for the past week. He even had a time limit on walking around.

"You want to be discharged? Is the wound healed? " Doctor Ding asked with a sly smile.

"Well, really." Li Wu replied.

"Is everything really alright?" Doctor Ding continued to ask in disbelief.

"Really." Li Wu resolutely, unquestionably replied.

"Oh." Doctor Ding nodded and then shot a glance at Yang Anyi who was memorizing all of Li Wu's body indicators.

Following that, Yang Anyi took the chance that Li Wu was not paying attention and quickly pressed on the upper left part of Li Wu's abdomen.

"You should just stay in the hospital." Doctor Ding said to Li Wu with a smile.

"Then, when do you think I will be able to leave the hospital? I can hatch an egg in a hospital. " Li Wu continued to ask Doctor Ding.

The Doctor Ding chuckled and said: "Take good care of your illness, and try to leave the hospital as soon as possible."

Hearing Doctor Ding's words, Li Wu really wanted to cry. To him, these words were like 'Do a good job and strive to come out soon', deceiving people.

After inspecting Li Wu, Yang Anyi was prepared to leave with the Doctor Ding. Just as Yang Anyi was about to step out of the sickroom, Doctor Ding turned and called out to her, "Xiao Yang, you stay here and chat with Li Wu, don't let him stay in the hospital and panic." Then …

The Doctor Ding smiled evasively as he whispered into Li Wu's ear, "Team Leader Li, this Yang Anyi is a flower of our hospital, there are many doctors who would like to interact more with her, but she has always avoided eye contact with them. "But I'll give you a chance. Don't let me down, you have to take this high ground."

With that, the Doctor Ding dragged the Class monitor He and walked out of Li Wu's sickroom. He did not give Li Wu a chance to ask any questions, nor did he give Yang Anyi a chance to reject him.

Doctor Ding thought that he had "become a good person" again, enthusiastically providing a chance for the young and promising officer at the grassroots level, Li Wu, to break away from being single. At the same time, he also gave the young and beautiful graduate from the Military Medical University, Yang Anyi, a handsome and mighty pure man. But the truth always goes against the expectations of the people.

Looking at the handsome "Battle Hero" lying on the sickbed in front of him, and then looking at the sinister back figure of the Doctor Ding, Yang Anyi hesitated for a moment before saying to Li Wu: "Uhh, that … Can you do me a favor? "

"What kind of help? Dr. Yang, you are welcome. As long as it is within my power, I will definitely help you! " Li Wu firmly said with the intention to repay Yang Anyi for saving his life.

Yang Anyi hesitated for a long time before finally mustering up his courage and saying: "Date with me!"

Appointment (2)

Not far away from the Military Region General Hospital, after walking through a street, they arrived at a blue romantic coffee house. The music was melodious, the singer was slowly singing a lyrics song, the coffee house was very quiet. It seemed somewhat lonely, but he himself felt very satisfied. Only those who had stepped out of the flames of war would feel so peaceful and precious. He knew how to enjoy this serenity and comfort.

"A comfortable life is great, but I don't know if I'll get tired of it after so long." Li Wu knew that he was a restless person, and wouldn't get used to living a dull life. That way, he would feel that he would be very dispirited, and would have no passion to live on. To him, the only thing he could do was to continuously accept new challenges, and protect the borders of his homeland. That would truly be enjoying life …

"Sorry, I came late. I was already off work, but an emergency patient suddenly arrived from the hospital." Yang Anyi's voice interrupted Li Wu's train of thoughts.

"No, no, I came early." Li Wu stood up.

"Another strawberry Christmas ice cream, cappuccino, thank you." Yang Anyi said to the waiter who was standing by the table.

Yang Anyi sat properly, placed his small bag beside the chair and boldly said: "You sure know how to talk. "In order to thank you for helping me this time, I'll pay for whatever you want to drink today!"

Today, Yang Anyi wasn't wearing a white coat, neither was he wearing a military uniform, light blue jeans, a white tight-fitting T-shirt, purple sneakers, and a head of hair that was like a waterfall. The black backpack along with the white T-shirt was perfect, and a pure beauty that was undisguised appeared in front of Li Wu.

"It's nothing, I'll pay the bill as repayment for saving your life, Dr. Yang." Li Wu retracted his gaze, and drank a mouthful of coffee, concealing his dumbstruck expression from the beautiful woman in front of him.

Yang Anyi laughed and said, "Honestly speaking, I did not have much hope at that time, but I was also forced to the point of being helpless by Doctor Ding, the publicly acknowledged Yue Lao. For the sake of my peaceful life in the future and also to stop some people from gossiping, I only made a bet, and didn't think that you would actually agree to it."

Li Wu smiled bitterly and joked: "This time, you won't be forced by the Doctor Ding to introduce your target, but I'm in trouble. Originally, I saw that there were a lot of female comrades at the general hospital in the military region and I wanted to take action, but I ended up not getting the chance this time."

Yang Anyi had always been frustrated by the fact that the Doctor Ding was constantly introducing her to other people. Doctor Ding would introduce his to one or two everyday, which made the female nurses and doctors in the Military Region General Hospital very unhappy. It seemed that it was because Yang Anyi was too beautiful, they did not introduce him to the other party, but only to Yang Anyi. Yang Anyi had often been looked down upon by his colleagues because of this.

In order to make the Doctor Ding not introduce her to someone else in the future, he had no choice but to invite Li Wu, who was one of her target targets, to pretend to be her boyfriend and flirt with the Doctor Ding. He never thought that Li Wu would actually agree to it.

"Lieutenant, how come you haven't found your target after graduating from the military academy?" Yang Anyi looked at Li Wu with a strange gaze.

"I'm not suitable to be a person for the time being." Li Wu said calmly as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Why is' not suitable '? What kind of logic is this?" Yang Anyi was puzzled.

Li Wu laughed bitterly once again, "Mn, let me put it this way. If it was you, would you be willing to maintain a relationship with a boyfriend that you can only meet once a year, and that you rarely interact with, who knows when you will become a martyr?"

"I've never thought about that before, but I don't think I'm willing. How could I possibly be a virgin? Are you clearly going to leave me in the lurch?" Yang Anyi replied as he pondered.

Li Wu shook his head helplessly, and said: "That's why I might as well not look for her, because I can't give any girl the kind of warm and romantic life she needs, as well as the guarantee of reliable and comfortable living."

After Yang Anyi heard this, he let out a light laugh, and retorted to Li Wu:

"Hoh, you sure know how to think for others. However, it's not bad for the two of them to not be together at times. At least, they each have their own space."

Seeing that Yang Anyi did not seem to accept his view, Li Wu continued to speak patiently: "When two people are together, they will slowly get used to each other's existence, get used to each other becoming a part of their own lives, sharing happiness and sharing pain, but if they suddenly separate, they will feel extremely uncomfortable, and will feel empty, because life without one person is incomplete right? In the same way, after the separation of two lovers for so long, you get used to living alone while the other person in your world slowly fades into nothingness. In the same way, after the separation of two lovers for so long, you get used to living alone and the other person slowly fades into nothingness in your world.

"Well, you're right, but I'm only partially in agreement with you." Yang Anyi retorted seriously, "I believe that even if the two of them had been separated for a long time, as long as their relationship is deep enough, love can be maintained."

"You said that there is an emotional foundation, but how can I have the time to establish an emotional foundation?" Never more than a month is more than a year at your disposal. " Li Wu looked at the beauty in front of him with a helpless expression.

"In the end, it's still your question. What are you really doing? I'm not asking about your career, I'm asking about your job in the army. Even the border guards should have a leave of absence of at least two months a year. " Yang Anyi stared at Li Wu as if he was looking at a monster.

After a moment of silence, Li Wu sighed and said: "I don't want to lie to you, there are some things that cannot be said. Although the troops that are guarding our home country's Southwest border are all just ordinary border guards, the place that we are guarding, due to various reasons, is always in a nervous state. So our vacation time is relatively less than other troops. "

Hearing Li Wu say that, Yang Anyi suddenly became excited, although he had grown up in the army, but this was the first time she heard that there were such border guards in Z Country. His face was full of excitement as he asked in a low voice,

"Wow, it's so mysterious. Are you from Z Country's 007?"

"I am, do you believe me?" Li Wu teased her.

"Tsk, I wouldn't believe it even if you said so. I'll ask my dad next time I go home, and see if the border guards in Southwest border are as strong as you say." Yang Anyi looked up, his face filled with unwillingness.

"Who is your father? Is it really that powerful? " Li Wu asked without paying too much attention to it.

"My father is a military encyclopedia!" Yang Anyi's face was full of pride.

"Oh, go ahead and ask. Be careful not to be disappointed." Li Wu said as he looked at Yang Anyi with a smile.

"Oh right, Dr. Yang, why aren't you looking for a target?" Li Wu asked.

"What?" You want to chase after me? " Yang Anyi asked while eating the ice cream. Hearing that, Li Wu's face immediately turned red, he continued to say: "Hehe, just like you, I do not have the time to find my target."

"Oh? Impossible, you are so beautiful and also the doctor of the Military's General Hospital, how can you not have time? " Li Wu said with a teasing smile.

"If you don't believe me, just drop it. I'm still so young, so I don't want to waste my youth by falling in love too early. When I grow up and my career stabilizes, I'll find someone who's both talented and good-looking. "It's not as unrealistic as other girls to have a boyfriend now." Yang Anyi held up the ice cream spoon, shook his head and said seriously.

"That's right, we can't waste our youth." Li Wu looked at the coffee in his cup in a daze.

"Why, don't you agree with me?" Yang Anyi looked at Li Wu and said seriously.

"Youth is so beautiful, it's the most wonderful season of one's life, but it's also very short. When you tear away a page from the calendar, you can feel the flower of youth begin to wilt, how can it be wasted so easily …" In a trance, Li Wu seemed to have returned to the battlefield that was filled with smoke, and risked his life together with his brothers. Together with his brothers, he fought against drug dealers, rescued hostages, chased the armed gunman, carried out the mission given to him by his homeland. He was using his youth and life to protect the harmony and tranquility of this world.

"You are really talented, sigh... Sigh... "What are you blanking out for." Yang Anyi waved the small fork in front of his eyes and shouted to the dazed Li Wu.

"Oh, nothing. I just remembered something." Li Wu lowered his head and slowly drank his coffee...

After chatting for more than two hours and seeing that it was almost eleven, Yang Anyi said: "You should go back to the hospital and lie down."

"As you wish!" Dr. Yang! "Please go ahead!" Li Wu stood up straight and watched Yang Anyi pick up his bag before walking to the door of the coffee shop. Then, he turned around and began to walk towards the standard place to pay... … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …