Ever since he left the shop that sold Talisman Paper, Lu Hanxue's heart had never been at peace. Although that guy was indeed very annoying, no matter what, the other party was still a Middle Level Spiritual Talisman Master.

"Sister Snow, what's wrong? Why do you look so depressed?" Lu Feng asked softly when he saw the worried look of the little beauty beside him.

"Brother Feng, you were too rash just now. No matter what, he is a Middle Level Spiritual Talisman Master, his status is very high, if you beat him up now, I'm afraid he will cause you trouble!" Lu Hanxue said with a face full of worry.

Hearing this, Lu Feng's heart was moved. So it turns out that Lu Hanxue was worried for him.

"Sister Snow, what's wrong with Middle Level Spiritual Talisman Master? Aren't you also a primary Spiritual Talisman Master and your talent is outstanding. I believe that you will reach Middle Level Spiritual Talisman Master soon." Lu Feng grinned and chuckled.

Big Brother Feng, the advancement of a Soul Symbol Master is not as simple as you think. Although I am now an elementary rank Soul Symbol Master, it is impossible for me to reach the intermediate rank without a few years of cultivation. It is even possible that in a few years, I will become an elementary rank Soul Symbol Master!" Lu Hanxue said softly, "Although there are mental cultivation methods used by spirit runemasters in the family, they are all of low level. I …

Lu Hanxue did not continue, and Lu Feng also understood what she meant.

So what if he had outstanding talent? Without a good training manual, he wouldn't be able to become a great person.

"Cultivate mental cultivation methods!"

Lu Feng secretly thought, although the Indestructible Mantra was a good mental cultivation method, it was both spiritual and martial cultivation, and to ordinary people, both were taboo and could not be easily cultivated.

The reason why Lu Feng cultivated both the Spiritual Force and the Spiritual Force was because his mother had given him this mental cultivation method. Since his mother had given him this mental cultivation method, it meant that he could cultivate both the Spiritual Force and the Martial Spirit, and the fact proved this point.

Therefore, Lu Feng could not take out the Indestructible Mantra for Lu Hanxue to cultivate, but other than this mental cultivation method, he did not have any other mental cultivation method.

"I wonder if those three Wordless Book s carried the cultivation method of the Spiritual Talisman Master with them!" Lu Feng muttered, and started to search in his mind.

Because of the time difference, all three books of Wordless Book information had appeared in Lu Feng's mind, but he had only read a little of it. Most of the information was still not available to him yet.

He had originally planned to read it slowly, since he had plenty of time, but now he did not think so. Maybe this information contained some mental cultivation methods, if that were the case, he would be able to pass it to Lu Hanxue.

"Brother Feng, Brother Feng!"

When Lu Hanxue saw that Lu Feng suddenly became silent, she lightly pushed his hand and shouted.

"What's wrong?"

Lu Feng, who was flipping through information in his mind, stopped and asked with a trace of suspicion in his eyes.

"What's wrong with you? Why did you suddenly stop talking! " Lu Hanxue asked curiously.

"No …." It's nothing, Sister Snow, don't think too much about that guy. Even if he wants to cause trouble for us, he must know who we are first. Do you know your name? " Lu Feng asked.

"This …"

Hearing this, Lu Hanxue thought back and realized that it was just as Lu Feng had said. They didn't even know him at all, how could they find trouble with him?

Thinking about it, Lu Hanxue secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that Lu Hanxue's complexion had improved quite a bit, Lu Feng revealed a slight smile on his face, and began to chat with the other party without saying a word. However, most of his consciousness was flipping through the information in his mind.

After a few minutes, Lu Feng's eyes suddenly lit up, and he couldn't help but laugh.

It had to be known that this was on the main street. Lu Feng's sudden smile immediately attracted a lot of people's attention, and they all looked at him as if he was an idiot.

"Brother Feng, what's wrong? Why are you laughing so foolishly for no reason! " Lu Hanxue asked in confusion.

"About this!"

Lu Feng didn't know how to explain it, he couldn't possibly tell her that he found a suitable mental cultivation method for her, right?

Although Lu Hanxue was a trustworthy person, Lu Feng did not plan to tell the other party about his identity as the Spiritual Talisman Master, so he would have to think carefully how to give this mental cultivation method to the other party.

"Heavenly Dark Astral Art. From this name, I know that this mental cultivation method should be good stuff!" Lu Feng muttered in satisfaction in his heart. As for what the mental cultivation method was, he was not interested in it because it was enough for him to have the Indestructible Mantra.

Cultivating Indestructible Mantra could strengthen both the Spiritual Energy and Spirit Power. This kind of mental cultivation method was very rare in the entire continent.

Otherwise, if he practiced two mental cultivation methods at the same time, wouldn't his cultivation time be greatly shortened? It was precisely because of this that dual cultivation of the Spiritual Martial Force and martial arts was a taboo.

Just like this, with a mental cultivation method suitable for Lu Hanxue, Lu Feng's mood was extremely good. He took the initiative to pull her hand, causing the two of them to speed up their pace.

After walking for nearly twenty minutes, the two of them finally arrived at the center of the city, where Wind And Thunder Trial's registration area was at City Lord's Mansion's entrance.

"Wow, three days have already passed, why are there still so many people registering?" Lu Feng and Yue Shan arrived not far from the City Lord's Mansion and he revealed a helpless expression as he looked at the long queue.

With such a long line, it would take at least half a day for it to be his turn.

To Lu Feng, every minute and every second was extremely precious, because he cultivated both the spirit and the martial arts. Although he did not have to split his concentration to learn the mental cultivation method, the Psionic Skill, as well as the talisman crafting array, had to be learnt separately.

"Brother Feng, let's go line up!"

But facing so many people, Lu Hanxue didn't mind. After she said that to Lu Feng, the two of them walked to the back of the group hand in hand.

"Sister Snow, I'm going to train first. If the group is going to move forward, you just have to hold my hand. If it's our turn, then wake me up!" Lu Feng did not want to waste his time, so after saying that to Lu Hanxue, he closed his eyes.

When Lu Hanxue saw that Lu Feng had really started to train, he felt more and more respect for, the Brother Feng. He could actually train anytime, anywhere.

Just like this, time slowly passed, and the long line of people were slowly moving as well. And just as Lu Feng had said, Lu Hanxue gently pulled his hand and moved forward as his body moved forward bit by bit.

"Brother Feng, wake up, wake up!" When Lu Hanxue saw that it was almost their turn, she immediately shouted out.


Hearing the voice, Lu Feng first gave a light grunt, before slowly opening his eyes.

"Oh, it's our turn so soon?" When Lu Feng saw that it was their turn, he revealed a smile, it seemed like cultivation was the best way to kill time.


"Lu Hanxue!"

"Cultivation base!"

"Beginner Spiritual Talisman Master!"

After a few simple questions and answers, Lu Hanxue's name was memorized, and according to her instructions, she entered the City Lord's Mansion.


"Lu Feng!"

"Cultivation base!"

"Seventh level of Refinement!"

Just like Lu Hanxue, after Lu Feng reported his name and cultivation, he also entered the City Lord's Mansion.

And after entering the City Lord's Mansion, there were two entrances in front of Lu Feng.

"Brother Feng, do your best!"

Seeing Lu Feng come in, Lu Hanxue who had already walked to the entrance lightly said, then she stepped into the entrance.

"Go for it!"

Lu Feng muttered, and then, without thinking much about it, he walked into another entrance.

"Buzz buzz!"

Following a light buzzing sound that rang in his ears, Lu Feng felt that his body had instantly become weightless.

And after the weightlessness phenomenon disappeared, a beautiful set of Prairie appeared before his eyes.


Looking at this stretch of Prairie, Lu Feng's eyes revealed a trace of doubt. He was obviously in the City Lord's Mansion, why was he suddenly in the Prairie in the blink of an eye?

"What's going on?"

Lu Feng became alert, and appearing on this Prairie for no reason was definitely not a good thing.

"Trial Challenger, this is a preliminary test of Wind And Thunder Trial. Anyone who can make it out of this area alive can be considered to have passed the first test. Killing Demonic Beast s will give you points, and Demonic Beast points will be different with different strengths, so the first test score will be combined with this total of Wind And Thunder Trial points.

Just as Lu Feng was guessing in his heart, a familiar voice sounded. He could tell that this was the voice of the City Lord.

"Kill the Demonic Beast!"

Lu Feng was shocked, he did not think that the first round of examination would allow them to face the Demonic Beast, and only being alive could allow them to pass the first round.

"I wonder what the test is for the Sister Snow? They shouldn't be able to take down Demonic Beast from the start, right?" Lu Feng said worriedly.

Just when Lu Feng was worried about Lu Hanxue's predicament, she had also appeared in the midst of a wave of Prairie.

"Using spiritual energy to kill the Demonic Beast?"

Just like Lu Feng, Lu Hanxue also heard the city master's hint, but there was an essential difference between the two. The former walked out of the Prairie alive after passing the first round's conditions, but the latter was different.

"Roar! Roar!"

Five minutes wasn't long, so before long, Lu Feng and Lu Hanxue's five minutes had passed. In the next second, enraged beast roars could be heard from the depths of the Prairie.

Hearing this voice, regardless of whether it was Lu Feng or the others, both of their expressions became grave, because this was their first real time training, and also their first time facing a Demonic Beast.