"You can't blame me for this, you can only blame this kid for being too infuriating!" Lan Fengjue scoffed, and then looked at Jun Haotian angrily, "Little Jun, even though this old man's actions weren't right, you've already killed the Mortal Death Guard. "Why bother with such a small matter until now?"

"You don't care?" Jun Haotian sneered: "Who cares if I am dead or not!"

"This …" Lan Fengjue hesitated again, but he quickly regained his senses and wanted to say something. Before he could finish his words, he was already stopped by the Clan Head Of The Feng Clan.

Clan Head Of The Feng Clan pulled Lan Fengjue over, and Lan Fengjue said unhappily: "Old Phoenix, what are you doing? I still need to talk to this kid? "

"What are you talking about? The more you talk, the more unclear you become. It's better to let the child handle his or her own matters!" Your granddaughter is so beautiful, she's more useful than your old face, don't you think? " The Clan Head Of The Feng Clan advised.

Lan Fengjue thought for a while, then nodded: "That's true! The scheme of beauties is not bad. "

Jun Tianzhan looked at Jun Haotian from the side and spoke sincerely: "Haotian, you and Xiao Xue were both raised by grandfather. It might be possible that there is some kind of misunderstanding between the two of you!"

"Grandfather, can you not say these things?" Jun Haotian said with some disgust.

Jun Tianzhan nodded gravely, "Alright, Xiao Xue is still at Binhai. He's almost gone mad looking for you these past two years. Things between you two should still be handled with caution. But no matter what, the son of my Jun Family will always face the heavens and the earth. "

Pausing his voice, Jun Tianzhan smiled with gratification: "To be able to see your achievements to date, grandfather is very happy, and also very gratified. I'm afraid that you have already gotten used to life without Jun Family or my old man. Are you still planning to stay in Binhai City in the future? "

"Of course!" Jun Haotian nodded: "I promised Old Man Yun that I would protect Jin Mengjie. This mission isn't over yet. I must give Old Man Yun an explanation! "

Jun Tianzhan nodded, and agreed.

At this time, Lan Fengjue had already ran over and was about to open his mouth. Jun Tianzhan, Lan Fengjue and the Clan Head Of The Feng Clan were stunned. The ground of the entire Crystal Villa was constantly trembling, and rumbling sounds came from the outside. Helicopters flew across the sky one after another.

Lan Fengjue was the first to react, "This is, this is the Eastern Ocean Guard, has that old fellow Lin Tiancheng gone crazy!?"

East China Sea Military Region was one of the seven great military regions of the nation, and it was controlled by the Lin Family. East China Sea Military Region was primarily used by the Navy, but there was also the Air Force and Army. Lin Family had been in operation in the East Sea for three generations, and East China Sea Military Region had already become a fortress with solid Lin Family. But no one expected Lin Tiancheng to actually dispatch his troops over like that.

Although there was a special relationship between the government and the Special Ability User, it still belonged to two different systems. Using one country's national machine to deal with the Special Ability User was clearly not in the interests of the country. It was also something that the State could not allow at all.

Although Jun Tianzhan did not hold any position in the government agencies, no one could underestimate the influence of Jun Family. When Lin Tiancheng played this card, he was extremely wrong.

Outside the Crystal Villa, Lin Tiancheng's laughter could be heard, "Jun Haotian, aren't you amazing? This old man wants to see if you can get out of this army. If you force your way out, you're treason. If you don't want to go out, just wait for me to take care of you! "

"Despicable!" Clan Head Of The Feng Clan roared.

Lin Tiancheng's voice sounded once again, "Old Phoenix, I'm sorry, but this old man will be despicable for a while."

Jun Tianzhan watched from the sidelines coldly, watching the development of this farce. Jun Wuyou said as he operated his cultivation: "I am the capital's Party Secretary, Jun Wuyou. If you dare to move your troops without permission, when I return to the capital, I will definitely punish you with the crime of betraying your country!"

Lin Tiancheng laughed sinisterly: "Hahaha, Jun Wuyou brat, don't waste your time thinking about this. This time, all of the people this old man has called are my trusted aides and confidants from Lin Family, Jun Haotian won't be able to leave today! "

"Old Ghost Lin, you are trying to bind yourself." Jun Tianzhan laughed coldly: "You are mobilizing an army on such a large scale, don't tell me that you're not afraid of the higher-ups trying to pursue this matter with you?"

"Questioned me?" Lin Tiancheng laughed out loud: What do they have to pursue this matter with me? So what if I have Lin Family? In this era of stability, do you think the capital will make a move against me, a person with a heavy soldier? "

"What a fearless fellow!" Jun Haotian was angry, this time Jun Haotian was really angry.

Just as Jun Haotian was about to make a move, Jun Wuxie grabbed onto Jun Haotian and said, "Don't be rash. This is just a trap, the nation is already afraid of Jun Family's power, if you give him this kind of weakness, although they won't be able to touch you, it will still bring you quite a bit of inconvenience within the country! "

Jun Haotian nodded heavily: "That's true! "It seems like I have to think of another way!"

Jun Tianzhan squinted his eyes and laughed: "Haotian, you forgot, you are the Space Adepts, they can't stop you!"

Clan Head Of The Feng Clan also said with his head full of electricity: "Little Jun, now is not the time to be emotional. We old guys are not afraid of Lin Tiancheng here! Furthermore, almost all of the members of the eight great clans are here, so Lin Tiancheng does not dare to be rash! "

Actually, Lin Tiancheng was very smart. If he did this, he obviously knew that he would be met with a backlash from the Jun Family. But in these past few years, although Jun Tianzhan had not done anything worldly, the superpower controlling his Jun Family was already far too powerful. Adding on to the Jun Family, there were two people who could not be restricted by the law.

The higher-ups had long wanted to give the Jun Family authority, but they couldn't find a reason to. This time, Lin Tiancheng gave the higher ups a reason, even if they could not get ahold of Jun Haotian, Jun Family would probably give them a headache.

"Leave?" Jun Haotian laughed coldly: "This is indeed a pretty good idea, but even if this young master leaves, I will not let that old thing Lin Tiancheng get away easily!"

"What do you want to do, don't mess around!" Jun Tianzhan said righteously, "No matter what, they are still national troops. Now that the nation is being pressured step by step outside, the nation cannot afford to lose any more of its life force!"

Lan Fengjue said unhappily: "Jun Lao Gui, at what time is it, you are still being fussy about these things. Your grandson's life is more important, and the country's face is more important! According to my temper, I should have killed Lin Tiancheng today! F * ck. "

Clan Head Of The Feng Clan scolded: "Lan Fengjue, stop adding fuel to the fire!"

"Jun Haotian, why aren't you coming out to die?" Lin Tiancheng snorted. At this moment, outside the Crystal Villa, there was not only the existence of the army, but also the most elite Death Soldiers of the Lin Family. If Lin Tiancheng wanted to accomplish all this in one go, he would at least have to cripple Jun Haotian, no matter how great of a price he had to pay.

Currently, the person who was the calmest within the Crystal Villa was Jun Haotian. Who knew where Young Master Jun got a cup of wine from, sparkling and translucent as he shook it. Jun Tianzhan scoffed, "You're still in the mood to drink at such a time!"

"Ah, Ah, Ah, I have my ways to deal with him!" Jun Haotian laughed with confidence. Clan Head Of The Feng Clan and Lan Fengjue on the other hand, had curious looks on their faces as they looked at Jun Haotian.

Jun Haotian then sneered: "Since you guys are here, don't think that they can return alive!"

His finger gently moved in the air, and Jun Haotian's smile became even weirder. At this moment, it seemed as if a hole had been opened in space. A white furry object drilled out from the dimensional realm, its seven tails continuously shaking in the air.

The little guy was very cute, and instantly jumped onto the mountain on Jun Haotian's shoulder, affectionately rubbing his cheek against Jun Haotian's.

"Alright, Little Snow, stop acting cute. I have a quest for you."

The Little Fox immediately raised its head and stood there with its claws raised, as if it could understand Jun Haotian's words. Its eyes swiveled.

"Go out and kill those guys!" Jun Haotian instructed.

Xiao Xue hurriedly nodded. Then, with a sou sound, she scurried away from Jun Haotian's shoulder and disappeared from everyone's sight.

Jun Wuxie was a little dumbfounded, and said: "Nine-tailed Fox, I didn't expect it to be with you. No wonder, no wonder when I sent someone to Binhai two years ago, I couldn't find anything! "

Jun Haotian squinted his eyes and laughed sinisterly: "Wait a moment, it's time for the berserk beast to perform. The one who killed all these people was the fierce beast Nine-tailed Fox, it has nothing to do with this young master, everyone here has to testify for me!"

Clan Head Of The Feng Clan was stunned, he thought: Isn't this brat a little too ruthless! Too bad!

On the other hand, Lan Fengjue raised his big thumb and said, "High, this is really high!"

Just as Jun Haotian said, at that time, regardless of whether it was the soldiers or the citizens, they would all see the Nine-tailed Fox making a mess, and no one could prove that Jun Haotian was the one who did it. Because Jun Haotian did not move from his spot. Even if it was a lawsuit, as long as Jun Tianzhan insisted on it, one sentence of it would cause everything to fall apart.

Moreover, at this moment, Young Master Jun had already pulled out a dv machine from somewhere and happily disappeared into the crowd. Using Jun Haotian's words, there was a video, there was truth. Furthermore, with the reputation of being a popinjay in the capital, who would believe that he alone would be able to annihilate an entire army?

Jun Wuyou was dumbfounded. "Who did this brat learn these underhanded tactics from?"

Jun Wuxie helplessly shook his head: "I don't know!"

Seeing that Jun Haotian was still not coming out, Lin Tiancheng was not in a hurry. Anyway, he could do a lot of things in one night. Death Soldiers from the Lin Family were already lying in ambush at every corner. The tank had already been set up, and was waiting for Jun Haotian to walk right into their trap.

"Commander, everything is ready. Should we attack now?"

Lin Tiancheng snorted: "Wait a little more!"

As he said that, Lin Tiancheng shouted towards the villa once again, "Jun Haotian, if you're a man, then come out!"

Lin Tianfeng stood beside Lin Tiancheng and said anxiously: "Big bro, that brat's cultivation is not weak, if he really goes crazy. What do we do if we kill all these people? "

"Hmph, that's even better. When the time comes, we'll have a fight in the capital." If you do not beat up my face with Jun Family, then I am not Lin Tiancheng! "

Just as Lin Tiancheng finished his sentence, a roar came out from the troops behind him. Roar … Roar …

Following that, someone from the army cried out, "Not good! Monster! The commander has a monster!"

Lin Tiancheng did not feel good, when he turned around, he saw a monster that was covered in fire standing in front of him. He was as tall as a mountain, with sharp lips and a mouth that spewed fire.

Looking at the nine blazing tails at the back of the Demonic Beast, Lin Tiancheng was completely dumbfounded: "Nine-tailed Demon Fox, this is an adult Nine-tailed Demon Fox! Why would he appear here? "

Jun Haotian's fox had not yet reached adulthood, but who asked it to follow a good master. Since Jun Haotian himself could not help, he would naturally transfer the Eight Inner Hidden Gates's power to the Nine-tailed Demon Fox.

Facing a Emperor Level Demonic Beast, even Lin Tiancheng, who was in complete victory, could only try to escape, let alone in a situation where Lin Tiancheng was injured.