As soon as the plane landed, Qi Junhao couldn't wait to rush down, but was blocked in front by Zhang Chi.

"Boss, I'll pick up my wife for you."

Just now they have done some reconnaissance over the island, temporarily ruled out the danger, but Zhang Chi is still worried about Qi Junhao's safety.

Normally, the other party's detection ability is so powerful that they should have known that they arrived, and it is impossible for them to be so calm, not to mention leaving their wife alone

There must be a trap!

The more Zhang Chi thought about it, the more he felt the possibility was very high, so he refused to let Qi Junhao go down.

"Boss, please let me go!"

"No way!"

Qi Junhao said firmly.

Yanxi is hundreds of meters away from him. How can he let others pick her up at this time?

No, even if he would fall into hell, he would have to go!

Zhang Chi couldn't stop him, so he sighed and helped him open the door.

Originally intended to get off the plane to go with the boss, but Qi Junhao turned around and glared at him: "I'm going to pick up my wife. What are you going to do? Do you want to be a light bulb? "

"Boss, I have to protect you!"

Knowing that boss doesn't want to risk himself, Zhang Chi's heart is more determined at this time.

"Stay, that's the order!"

"But boss..."

Relaxation or not give up, dark eyes, full of thick worry.

Seeing this, Qi Junhao put out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. He looked very serious and said, "Nuo Yunyu, if I can't come back this time, please bring up Fanfan!"

He is the most trusted person in the world, and he can rest assured if he gives everything to him.


See him a pair of dead absolutely, relax heart a sour, tone unconsciously some choking, want to say the words, but it is rigidly stuck in the throat, Leng is unable to send out.

"Don't worry, just stay here. I'm going

Words fall, his vigorous figure, has jumped from the plane, rushed to a place.


At this time, it was sunrise.

The sky, a light blue.

The sun, sneaking into the clouds. Through the crevices of the clouds, the sun shines directly on the sea. Where the sea and the sky meet, they can't distinguish the boundary between the clear water and the sky. They can only see the bright light.

Dawn is coming quietly, which means Hades is coming.

Her Hades

Li Mengqi covers her heart and thinks of the man she loves in this life. In an instant, her heart is broken.

Not far away, the seagulls skimmed the sea level, rolled up the waves, and set off the waves, but still couldn't attract her attention.

She is just like a wooden person, standing on the reef, feeling nothing in front of her. In her mind, what she is thinking about is still her Hades

"Yanxi -"

"Yanxi -"

knowing the voice in her bones, she suddenly rang out eagerly behind her, hitting her heart hard.

As soon as Li Mengqi suddenly looked back, he saw the man he was yearning for. His tall figure was like a lightning bolt, running towards her on the beach.

He It's coming!

Tears, instant, flood.

How do you want to rush towards him regardless of everything, but your legs seem to be filled with lead and can't move.

"Hades -"

Li Mengqi could only read his name in situ and shout out, but found that his throat was painfully dry.

Last night, she stayed up all night, not only because she knew she could see him today, but also because The cruel fact Xiao Liang told himself.

How could she

All, blame oneself too silly too stupid, so easy to believe Xiao Liang, if time can retrogress to injection before, that should have much good!

Unfortunately, in this world, there is no if

"Yanxi, Yanxi --"

Yanxi, what has his Yanxi experienced these days? Why does it look like a fragile doll at this time, full of despair

Thinking of this, Qi Junhao's heart was like being torn in two. There was a kind of piercing pain, which spread rapidly in his heart and all over his body.

Finally, he ran to her, forced her into his arms, tightly, without any crack.

Feeling her weak little body shivering, Qi Junhao subconsciously hugged her more tightly, bowed his head and kissed her forehead, scolding himself: "baby, I'm sorry, I'm late!"

Sorry, I'm not good, let you be wronged!

"Hades, woo --"Li Mengqi whimpered and finally cried out, but tears could not help falling.

"Good, don't cry, I'm here!"

He looked at her, all tenderness, Li Mengqi heart mixed feelings, simply tiptoe around his neck, in the next second, his red lips.

Qi Junhao did not expect that she would suddenly have such an action, deep eyes half squint for a while, soon turned passive into active, deepen the kiss.

It's just four or five days apart, but it feels like four or five spring and autumn, winter and summer.

The two people who have been reunited for a long time can't bear to kiss each other. Even the sun hiding in the clouds is embarrassed to appear for fear of disturbing them.

After a long time, Qi Junhao loosened her lips and put her forehead close to her. He joked, "I've already done it. Can I go home?"


She nodded heavily, tears, at this moment, but accidentally overflow out.

Hades, do you know how much I've been looking forward to this moment in the past 100 hours? You can take my hand and say to me gently, "baby, let's go home!"

Even, this sentence has repeatedly appeared in dreams, but now, when it really comes, your Yanxi is no longer the Yanxi before

The man gently helped her wipe her tears, thinking that she was crying because she saw herself. He couldn't help laughing and scraping her beautiful nose. He said: "it's ugly to cry."

"Ugly, you don't want me?"

Li Mengqi gave a stuffy reply.

"Well, don't you refuse to return the goods? Originally, I could only accept it reluctantly and try to make you not cry in the future. "

"I hate it

Even if she was in a low mood, when she was with him, her bad mood always disappeared.

As a result, Li Mengqi finally broke her tears into a smile.

"It's not suitable to stay here long. Let's go."

The environment here is very good, but there are hidden murders. Even now, it seems calm.

Qi Junhao is not a fool. He can't believe that Li Mengqi's presence here is purely accidental. But at this moment, he doesn't want to think about the tricks behind the enemy. Of course, he has no time to think about it.

For him, as long as Yanxi is safe, all the difficulties will be solved

Zhang Chi was on the plane in fear. Seeing them coming up with each other, he was quietly relieved.

"Madam, you have suffered."

Zhang Chi very respectfully said to Li Mengqi, deep eyes, unconsciously overflow a bit of concern, "drink water? I'll get it for you! "

Li Mengqi toward him a smile, tone, mixed with sincere gratitude: "Zhang Chi, thank you!"

Thank you for your loyalty to Hades over the years. If I'm not with him in the future, please take good care of him for me

"You're welcome!"

Zhang Chi didn't know the meaning of her words. She nodded with a smile and then backed out.

The plane will take off soon and leave this mysterious island.

Xiao Liang is standing on the second floor of the villa, looking at the little dot in the sky. His dark eyes are slightly narrowed, revealing a touch of sadness -

JIANG Yanxi, three days later, you can only be mine!

Yes, the final result of yesterday's negotiation was that he agreed to let her go this time, but after three days, she must cut off all her love and return to him

Three days, for Xiao Liang, is very long, but for Li Mengqi, it is very short.

Therefore, during the ten hours on the plane, except for the time to go to the toilet, she pestered Qi Junhao almost every minute and didn't want to let go.

It's a very happy thing for a man that a beloved woman takes the initiative to throw herself into his arms. As a result, along the way, Qi Junhao is also full of joy to hold her, occasionally touch, kiss, ear sideburns, honey.

The atmosphere is so beautiful that people are intoxicated. Li Mengqi even wishes that time would stay at this moment, so that she and Hades would be together forever.

It's a pity that time is the most merciless thing. Every minute passes quickly. The ten hour voyage is coming to an end, which also means that she has only 62 hours left

At the thought of separating from him, the feeling of pain came again.

Small hands, subconsciously covering her chest, she breathed hard.

"What's the matter?"

Noticing that something seems wrong with her, Qi Junhao reaches for her hair and looks at her with bright eyes.

Facing his caring eyes, Li Mengqi quietly took away the sadness in her heart. She couldn't help but smile at him and said, "I didn't expect you would fly directly to New York. It's a bit unexpected."

"Well, there are important meetings to be held here these two days, so I came here."

Qi Junhao gave her a quiet look and answered truthfully."So you'll be busy today and tomorrow?"

Li Mengqi smell speech, pretty face, instant shriveled down.

Is it predestined?

How could they even deprive them of their only 60 hours?

God, are you too cruel

Seeing her disappointment, Qi Junhao couldn't bear it. He rubbed her face with his big hand. He sighed and said, "dear, I'll try to spend more time with you."

It's not that he doesn't want to accompany her, but that he has been looking for her these days. He has left all his work behind and even delayed several major projects. If he continues, the shareholders will have opinions. He can't be such an irresponsible person.

"It's OK. You're busy. Work matters!"

In order to let him relax, even if the heart again lost, Li Mengqi forbeared, not in front of him.

"I've asked people to pick up Fanfan. When I'm bored, my son can accompany you."

"You said Fanfan was in New York?"

Li Mengqi's dark eyes lit up instantly.

I thought that she had to find an excuse to go back to B city to see Fanfan. I thought that if she chose to see Fanfan, she would have to separate from him in more than 60 hours. But I didn't expect that he took Fanfan in silence

How could she not love such a sweet man?

Unfortunately, she is no longer qualified to love

About ten minutes later, the plane stopped in the garden of a villa.

As soon as Li Mengqi walked out of the engine room door, he heard a childish voice in front of him -


It's Fanfan, her baby!

As soon as her eyes were hot, she pulled out her long legs and ran to the little figure.

"Fanfan, I miss Mommy!"

Run to small is too in front of, Li Mengqi excitedly embrace him, fiercely kiss.

"Mummy, Wuwuwuwu, Fanfan wants to kill you too!"

He didn't hear mummy's voice for several days, and he had nightmares again and again, which really scared his little heart.

Fortunately, it was just a dream. Fortunately, Mommy came back!


The picture of mother and son embracing each other is so beautiful that everyone standing on one side can't help but be moved by it.

Qi Junhao can't help but go forward and take their mother and son into his arms. He kisses the big one and the small one. He says in a very indulgent tone: "let's go and have breakfast."


"Great, Daddy!"

As soon as mother and son heard about eating, they showed their nature of eating.

Seeing this, Qi Junhao unconsciously grinned and was very happy.

After a happy breakfast, Qi Junhao arranged his appearance a little, and then set off for interstellar.

Although Li Mengqi is not willing, she is not unreasonable, so she has to swallow the words she wants him to leave and watch him leave.

Mother and son stayed in the villa and didn't go anywhere.

Fanfan enjoys playing the latest games, while Li Mengqi goes to the kitchen to prepare love lunch for Hades.

Can accompany in their side's time is not many, every minute every second, she all treasures specially.

After a busy morning, it was a great success.

Li Mengqi looked at his carefully prepared fried steak, poached eggs, stir fried meat and fermented tofu There is also the boiled soup. When Hades eats these things, his face is full of praise. At this moment, he suddenly has a feeling called sweetness.

After packing all the dishes, she went to the bathroom to wash her face, and then went upstairs to change her clothes.

When everything was ready, she took Fanfan to the Star Tower.

Qi Junhao was still in the conference room before 12 o'clock when he arrived at the top CEO's office.

For fear of starvation, Li Mengqi specially approved him to have lunch first, while he sat on the sofa, playing with his mobile phone while waiting for Qi Junhao.

Fortunately, without waiting too long, the door of the office was pushed open, and the man's magnetic voice sounded -

"have you waited too long?"

Knowing that Yanxi has given herself a bento, Qi Junhao can't wait to move the next agenda to the afternoon, and specially finds time to see her.

"Not for long!"

Li Mengqi looked at her watch and said mischievously, "it's only 15 minutes."

Fifteen minutes is nothing at ordinary times, but for her now, it's more precious than anything. Unfortunately, she can't tell him!

"Well, I'll confess. I'll be a little early next time."

Qi Junhao came over and rubbed her little head. Looking at her son who was eating with relish, he could not help but put Jun's face to him and asked him, "is it delicious? Don't even fight daddy, huh? "Xiaozhengtai looked up and laughed brightly: "Daddy, mom's cooking is really getting better and better. Here, I'll give you a taste. "

With that, he generously put a small piece of steak in his lunch box, put it in Qi Junhao's mouth, and then looked at him expectantly.

"Well, your mommy is the best. She's great in every way!"

For his beloved woman, he has always been generous in praise.

"Don't be so poor. The food is cold. Eat it quickly."

Li Mengqi quickly opened the bento box, picked up a pair of chopsticks and put them in front of him.

"Baby, I didn't find out before. You are still a good wife and mother."

Qi Junhao looked at her while eating her cooking and sighed heartily.

"What? I have it. I don't need it."

Li Mengqi's red lips were slightly puffed, and she protested.

"Is it?"

A man gave her a suspicious sidelong look.

"Of course!"

Someone replied haughtily.

"Oh -"

the man chuckled, then scooped a mouthful of rice with a spoon and sent it to her mouth. He said softly, "come on, Ben, I'll give you a mouthful of rice."

"The child is here. Don't make any noise."

Li Mengqi is very angry to blush, see Fanfan this ghost spirit mischievously wink at himself, she suddenly can't laugh or cry.

Qi Junhao half squinted, eyes deep scan to Fanfan, seriously said to him: "Fanfan, after dinner, go to the inner room to sleep, don't disturb your father to feed Mommy."

"Yes, sir!"

Xiaozheng too quickly stood up and said to them with a smile, "that daddy and Mommy, you eat slowly, son, I flash."

Ah, daddy and Mommy always show their love like this. His small light bulb is really a bit of an eyesore!

When can I have a brother and sister to play?

In this way, he will not only have a light bulb at home, but also feel more comfortable with company!

After xiaozhengtai left, Li Mengqi beat him angrily: "I hate it. You teach me everything."

"Is that bad? You've never seen anything worse

When the man smiles, his claws suddenly reach out to the hem of her T-shirt

"Oh, don't mess around -"

for fear that the scene will get out of control later, Li Mengqi quickly reached out to stop him, "don't you still have a meeting, time is running out."

"Oh, what a wet blanket!"

Qi Junhao shakes his head. He reluctantly takes his hand out of her T-shirt and eats lunch honestly.

Li Mengqi is sitting next to him, eating with a bento, but her eyes are fixed on his handsome side face unconsciously, unable to move away -

for fear that you will forget your face if I don't see you in the future, but at this moment, I find that your appearance has been deeply engraved on my heart, even time can't obliterate

After lunch, Qi Junhao held her for a long time and finally left the office.

Knowing that his meeting would last all afternoon, Li Mengqi pondered for a moment, then picked up her mobile phone and dialed Shen Yuntian's number.

Shen Yuntian is also in a meeting at this time. Suddenly, his mobile phone vibrates. He wanted to ignore it, but unexpectedly he sent a ghost to take it out. When he saw that it was Li Mengqi who called, his serious Jun face felt a bit soft unconsciously.

After suspending the meeting with a gesture, he stepped out of the meeting room and went to the window at the end of the corridor to pick up the phone.

"Yanxi, come to me?"

Did not expect that she would take the initiative to find themselves, Shen Yuntian at this moment, the mood is very complex, excited, ecstatic, with a trace of panic, instant hit.

Hearing his warm voice coming from the radio, Li Mengqi bit her lip and hesitated for a moment, then tentatively asked: "Uncle Shen, are you free this afternoon? I'd like to invite you to have a cup of coffee."

"Yes, of course. where are you? Shall I pick you up? "

Rao has no time. Shen Yuntian has to squeeze out even if he is.

"I'm in interstellar now, and I'll see you in the roof cafe in Central Park in an hour, OK?"

"Yes, no problem."

Shen Yuntian readily agreed.

"Well, I'll see you later."

After hanging up, Li Mengqi got up and went to the rest room.

Seeing that Fanfan was sleeping quietly on the bed, she unconsciously softened her eyes. She walked over and bowed her head to kiss his tender face.

"Baby, Mommy, go out for a while, you can sleep well!"

Whispered in his ear, Li Mengqi stared at his sleeping face for several minutes, and finally left.

Before departure, she sent Qi Junhao a text message telling him to meet Shen Yuntian.

Qi Junhao quickly returned four words: "be careful on the road!"

"Well, yes. Wait for me to come backAfter quickly drawing a line on the screen, she drove to the Central Park in the car that Qi Junhao gave her.

Fifteen minutes in advance to the roof cafe, far away, see Shen Yuntian sitting by the window.

Did not expect him to come so early, Li Mengqi clear apricot eyes, quietly swept a strange light.

Shen Yuntian saw her and waved to her with a smile.

Li Mengqi nodded slightly and walked quickly.

"Come to me all of a sudden. Is there anything you want to tell me?"

After she sat down, Shen Yuntian couldn't wait to ask. The expectation in her deep eyes made Li Mengqi feel sad. Her lips were wriggling, but she didn't know how to speak.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Shen Yuntian looked depressed. Suddenly, his heart hurt. Almost subconsciously, he reached over and touched her head. At this moment, his tone became very soft: "if you have something to say, you can say it directly. If daddy can help you, he will help you!"


Yes, even if I don't want to admit it, her blood is still his blood, and her life is also given by him. In front of me, this man is the one who has the deepest blood relationship with her in the world besides Fanfan

No one is not eager for fatherly love. Almost from childhood to adulthood, she is imagining that when she is sad and frustrated, she can have a pair of warm hands, gently rub her messy hair, cheer for her, and even say to her: "Daddy believes that Yanxi is the best!"

It's a pity that after more than 20 years of looking forward to it, it's just in vain.

However, the scene in front of her eyes overlaps with the image in her mind surprisingly. Maybe some truth is too harsh, and her heart is already full of holes, and she can't stand any more devastation. Finally, Li Mengqi can't help sobbing and shouting: "Daddy -"


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