C116 Terror Attack

Five days quickly passed and these few days were peaceful. Only Du Longsan and Huo Zhen had secretly sent people to monitor them, but Wei Yutian was very clear on all of this, it was just that he was not very concerned about it.

The people of the Jiushan Hall had already left three days ago, and at the same time, they told him about the matter of the mad spirit coming to help.

"Today, the bloodthirsty mania will appear. I wonder where it will appear at." Long Dusan said coldly.

"Then go directly to the place where he usually appears!" Shu Ling suggested.

Everyone became speechless. No one dared to join in. After all, no one wanted to die.

Shu Ling was able to see through everyone's worry, and looking at Jin Shuya, he started to hesitate.

"I can feel his presence, all you need to do is to bring me to that area!" Wei Yutian spoke as if he was an adult, not a bit childish.

These few days, the word 'ghost' had been going through his mind non-stop. He couldn't get rid of it or recall it, but he felt like he had to do something for this ghost.

Everyone looked at each other, then Long Dusan took the initiative to bring Wei Yutian up.

"In any case, the bloodthirsty mania only eats one person every time. With this fool as a scapegoat, what do I have to be afraid of?" Long Dusan thought and then stood forward.

"I will go with your brothers. You have come to help us. How can we be so afraid of death?" Long Dusan looked like he was sacrificing his life for justice.

"What a hypocrite!" Shu Ling saw through Long Dusan with a glance and thought: "Since the people of the Yellow Dragon Gang are willing to go with me, I have no reason to retreat. Even if I really die for the mad spirit, it's still a good death.

"I would actually like to see how much ability that terrifying bloodthirsty mania you all speak of actually has!" Shu Ling raised his voice and said.

Everyone in the Yellow Dragon Gang looked at Shu Ling with looks of disdain. Almost everyone believed that Shu Ling was truly worthy of being the disciple of a fool.

Jin Shuya didn't think so, she also believed that the mad spirit would definitely win, this was just her intuition as a woman.

"I'll go wherever Big Brother Shu goes!" Jin Shuya looked at Shu Ling with deep emotions.

Shu Ling smiled sweetly as the sun shone brightly in his heart.

Since they had already made up their minds, there was no longer any delay for them to leave.

Just as he left the Yellow Dragon Gang, he saw the people from the Jiushan Hall rushing over from afar.

"I am Jiushan Hall's protector, He Liang. I have come under the order of the Great Hero mad spirit."

No one needed to guess; they all understood why the people of the Jiushan Hall had come here at this time. Just like Long Dusan, who felt that there was a possibility of the fool coming out, and was not very active.

Just as they were about six or seven miles away from the Jiushan Hall, Wei Yutian's expression suddenly became heavy and he stopped.

"What's wrong?" Shu Ling asked worriedly, he had never seen the mad spirit Wei Yutian's expression so heavy.

"All of you, quickly leave this place. There is a dangerous aura nearby." Wei Yutian said.

Everyone seemed to have heard the death knell and fled in the direction they came from.

Moments later, terror struck.

"Hahaha …" I never thought that there would be a powerhouse here that would cause even me to tremble, this aura is somewhat familiar, that's right, this is the aura of a ghost, no, no, this is much thicker than the aura of a ghost. Seems like I will have to eat more today! "

An old man with a head full of fluffy white hair suddenly appeared within a three hundred meter radius of Wei Yutian. His mouth was still dripping with hot blood, and his entire body was reeking of a stench.

When they heard the bloodthirsty mania's words, everyone exclaimed in their hearts. Even that devil was so scared that his entire body was trembling, just how unfathomable was this mad spirit in front of them? Du Longsan felt that he had been humiliated back then, and was unable to get anything out of it.

Shu Ling's thought process was extremely quick. He was the only one who thought about the relationship between the mad spirit and the ghost based on the bloodthirsty mania's words. After all, this was the first time he had seen such an anomaly in the mad spirit.

Wei Yutian did not speak, but his expression was sinister. With his handsome appearance, it seemed extremely cold.

"I am the Nine Mountain Martial Saint Wu Fotian. May I ask who your esteemed self is? Could it be that you want to fight for the top position under the heavens with me?"

Although everyone was standing far away, because they were in a spacious area, they could clearly hear these words.

"So Wu Fotian, who was ranked fourth in the legends of the martial arts world, was so powerful in the past. I wonder what realm he has reached now?" Shu Ling lamented.

Aside from Jin Shuya, the rest of the people had a serious expression on their faces. They already knew who this person was, but they did not tell Shu Ling and the rest because they already had the intention to make use of him.

Wei Yutian could feel the killing intent that was being released wantonly from Wu Fotian's body. The dense smell of blood actually allowed him to go past the limits of the screams and directly entered into his other personality.

"It changed, it changed! Who exactly are you, and why are your powers still increasing? "

Even Wu Fotian was unable to remain calm at this moment. A trace of shock and fear appeared on his elderly face, but what followed was not running, but instead, an even more bloodthirsty and terrifying aura.

His aura instantly covered a distance of twenty thousand feet, causing everyone to feel a chill in their hearts.

Shu Ling hurriedly used his inner strength to cover both himself and Jin Shuya.

The rest of the people also hurriedly resisted the terrifying aura, in case they were scared out of their wits. Before, they had never seen Wu Fotian's crazy actions, but now that they had seen it, they knew that for them to resist, was probably just a pipe dream. He could not help but feel that mad spirit, who caused Wu Fotian to become so afraid, was truly a godly person.

"Look at the state of the Mad God Master!" Shu Ling shouted.

Everyone could clearly see that mad spirit, who was originally a foolish person who was still a child, was now filled with dignity and grandeur. It was as if he was looking down on all living beings and even the gaze with which he looked at Wu Fotian was serene and unperturbed.

"mad spirit, could he really be a god?" Long Dusan never believed in stories of ghosts and gods. He was a warrior, and understood more clearly how powerful the martial artists were when they reached the Sky Realm. But even so, he was still shocked by Wei Yutian's sacred and inviolable state.

"The aura on your body is truly disgusting!" Wei Yutian said. His tone was light and casual, but it was also extremely domineering.

Hearing Wei Yutian's words, Wu Fotian was extremely furious in his heart: "This old man is a heaven warping talent, I feel that I am not inferior to anyone, you actually dare to be this disdainful to this old man, are you trying to follow in the footsteps of that ghost?"

When Wei Yutian heard the word ghost, a blurry figure suddenly appeared in the darkness in his mind. However, no matter how hard he tried to meditate, he could not see the figure clearly.

"Don't put gold on your face. I can feel that if the ghost you spoke of is still here, you still won't be his match."

Wei Yutian did not know where he got that feeling, and said it like that.

Wu Fotian was even more furious, the reason he was in such a state, was all because of the ghosts.

"How could I possibly be weaker than you, a heaven warping genius? Don't think that you have some ability to look down on others."

Wu Fotian did not immediately make a move even at a time like this, which was truly inconceivable to those who saw it.

Wei Yutian no longer spoke, a pair of ice cold eyes staring straight at Wu Fotian without letting go.

"Kid, where did your powerful martial arts come from? Why do you think you're so similar to ghosts but also much stronger than them? "No, it's impossible, the ghost has already been completely studied by me, I have even eaten his flesh and blood, I have still not created his ultimate technique, the 'Bloodthirst in the Nine Nether', even I have not mastered this martial arts to its limits, he is definitely a genius, this martial arts is truly too inconceivable, after I master it, I will definitely become the true number one under the heavens, hahaha …"

Wu Fotian mumbled to himself. The more he spoke, the more excited he became, to the point where he also revealed a kind of insanity that was hard to extricate himself from.

Wei Yutian still did not pay attention to him. He only had one goal in mind, and that was Wu Fotian. It was just that the more excited and deranged Wu Fotian was, the more he felt disgusted and the more energy he felt in his body grew, as though there was no limit to it.

Just as the two of them were holding still, a group of Jiushan Hall disciples who did not know of the situation were flocking over. They were chasing in the direction that Wu Fotian had disappeared in, their faces were filled with grief and anger, and some even had hot tears flowing from their eyes.

However, when they charged into the terrifying killing intent released by Wu Fotian, all of their anger instantly turned into fear.

"Devils, devils, return my master!"

"You demon, you actually dare to eat Sect Leader! Do you know that that is your great-grandson!?"


Grief-stricken cries rang, and countless mournful cries resounded in the sky.

Just then, Wei Yutian suddenly had a reaction, the kind of wailing sounded like a scream, it completely entered his ears, causing him to have the urge to attack the place that released the killing intent, the impulse was controlled by his consciousness in the darkness, he could not allow Wei Yutian who was in his current state to retaliate at all.

Wu Fotian was also annoyed from listening, the scent of bloodthirsty and violent became denser, even his dirty face became distorted, his hands seemed to have used all of his strength to hold on tightly, and those terrifying veins also appeared.

Just then, Wu Fotian suddenly raised his hand, and casually punched towards the crying Jiushan Hall disciples.