There will be some side effects if you force to improve your strength. Even the secret of forest will fall to a small level, not to mention other people.

The price that the Lord of heaven devil forced to upgrade his strength to the level of Yuanying's perfection can be said to be very high, that is, his three souls and seven souls will be swallowed by heaven devil, and finally he will end up with a terrific ending.

And he can't hold on for long. When the time comes, his soul will be completely engulfed, so there's no way to carry on the back.

"Forest, die for me!"

The demon lord screamed and forced to attack. He gathered a huge demon and devoured the forest.

The tree took a look at it, and he immediately tried his best to stimulate the East King bell. He saw that the East King bell was shining with golden light, and there were more runes on it.

After the devil approached, he was covered by the golden light cage, and immediately burst into black smoke. Without waiting for him to approach, he was completely purified into nothingness.

The forest tree was a little surprised. He didn't expect that dongwangzhong had such ability, which seemed to be the killer of the magic method. This kind of energy could restrain all the demons.

"How could that be? How could that be? I'm not reconciled

In the face of the attack of the puppet stone wolf, although he has overwhelming power, he can't stand the stone wolf being called out continuously.

A moment later, he fell to the ground and couldn't get up. His eyes were staring at the eldest, and he obviously couldn't close his eyes.

Naturally, the forest would not have the slightest sympathy. He gathered a fire and burned all the people in the demon sect. Then he flew with his sword and left the desert.

The famous tianmozong was officially destroyed from today, and there will be no tianmozong in today's East earth spirit world.

"There is also a fish who has missed the net, but it should not escape."

Forest thought of the killer group, which is a very terrorist organization. It can be said that it is like an eye that can keep an eye on the whole world.

If they are allowed to find people, they should be able to find them as long as they are still in the world.

He contacted wuhuangzong and got the portrait of the little master of tianmengzong. Then he contacted the killer group and asked them to help find someone.

"Forest, when are you going to destroy the holy court? If you want to do it, you must inform us that although our strength is not strong, there are many hot weapons, which can certainly help us a lot. "

The killer group said that he saw the strength of the forest and felt that only he could fight against the holy court.

"Not for the time being, but later."

He's not stupid, the Pope of the holy court is like a deified man.

Besides, the holy court is certainly different. If the Pope stays in the holy court, his strength can be conquered. If he rashly goes to fight against the holy court, there is a great chance that he will never return.

"Next target, blood soul sect!"

Hang up the phone, forest identified another direction, continue to fly sword.

I'm going to go all out this time to wipe out the three demons and solve this problem completely, so that I don't have to worry about it all the time.

They are like vampires in the dark. They usually suck blood to improve their strength.

They have been perfectly integrated into the secular, and through a variety of ways, to get the blood of mortals.

In a nightclub, everyone is rocking wildly, a pair of men and women are rocking passionately, as if they want to integrate each other into their bodies.

Among them, the woman is delicate and delicate. She unconsciously moves her hand. It seems that there are two tusks in her mouth. She bites the man's neck and then sucks his blood.

But she also knew that she didn't want the man's life until now. She just let him go after taking more than half of his blood.

In another hospital, the blood bank was stolen again, and all the blood in it was gone.

In another villa, a young man has taken care of more than a dozen women. The purpose of taking care of them is not to sing every night, but to suck their blood.

For the sake of money, these women are willing to let him take it. Anyway, they won't kill them and take it casually.

According to this kind of situation, the blood soul sect has really been perfectly integrated into the common customs. They have not brought panic to the common customs, but they can use the blood of the common people to improve their strength, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

But every three or five years, these people who have been sucked blood by them will die because of various symptoms.

Because when they are sucking blood, some evil Qi will invade these people's bodies unconsciously. They are just ordinary people, and a trace of evil Qi is enough to kill them.

It's just that the latent time of evil Qi is relatively long, and it doesn't cause large-scale death, causing huge movement. Therefore, the blood soul sect is still alive.

However, in this way, it is more difficult to kill them.

Because they are too scattered, unless we can find a way to call them together, it will be very troublesome to destroy the blood and soul sect.In a villa, the Lord of the blood soul always feels frightened recently. Especially now, there is a more and more ominous premonition, as if there is a crisis coming.

"What's going on?"

The blood soul master has some inexplicable feelings, but he is a yuan infant spirit. He thinks it is impossible for him to have such feelings inexplicably.

"It seems that this city is no longer safe. We have to get everyone out of this city and go to other cities."

Blood soul master secret way, he immediately issued an order, the message sent to everyone's mobile phone.

In the face of his orders, as long as the people of blood soul sect, no matter what they are doing, immediately put down what they are doing and come to him.

"It should be here. This kind of heresy is a parasite in society."

In the heart of the forest tree, he said that he was really disgusted with this kind of magic door, because their means were too inhuman.

He didn't resent them just because they were demons, but because their means were too cruel, so he wanted to destroy them.

If they are both good and evil, such as the Guangming sect, he will only admire them and will not do anything to them.

It's a pity that the blood soul sect is a real demon sect. Those ordinary people who have died because of the evil spirit may have been more than 100000 in recent years.

"Lord of blood!"

The forest rushed in directly, just to see the dignified blood Lord.

"Lord Lin!"

The blood Lord's face changed greatly. He finally knew why he was so scared. It turned out that all the causes and effects came from the trees.

"Lord Lin is here to kill my blood soul clan?"

The blood soul master asked. He took out his mobile phone and intended to send a message to all the people not to come back.

"Now that you know it, don't talk nonsense."

If Lin Lin takes the initiative to attack, he will not let the blood soul Lord send out a message. He must stop. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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