As soon as the shop owner had prepared the horses for Mo Siyu, Chu Chuyan rode back to the Inn and saw that she was going to the ridge to see the spring ploughing. Chu Chuyan volunteered: "I'll take you."

They rode all the way to the countryside. In the early spring, the wind was still cold on their faces. But compared with the ice and snow in winter, the cold was mixed with the smell of soil and life, with a slight warmth.

The open field, large pieces of land has been reclaimed, at a glance, green wheat and barley swaying with the wind.

Many hardworking people have been walking around the ridge, greeting each other, saying that this year's wheat seedlings are growing well, with happy smiles on their faces.

They are wearing cotton padded clothes of indistinct colors, with their backs bent, their hands folded in their sleeves, their faces full of smiles, and the light of hope appears on their faces.

Mo Siyu was riding on his horse, looking at the sky and the earth, the endless fields. Even his breathing seemed to be smoother, and his heart was broader.

Chu Chuyan reined in the reins, waiting for Mo Siyu's horse to come slowly: "in fact, the people in the world don't want much. They have enough to eat warm food, support the young, support the old, and support the whole family."

Mo Siyu murmured in a low voice: "in the past, I didn't quite understand what my father had done. Even if I was misunderstood, even if I left my mother and got together with us, I had to do something.

Although my mother understood him, I didn't understand him for a long time.

But now I understand that some things should be done by those who have responsibility and ability. The strong have the obligation to protect the weak who live at the bottom.

If no one understands the suffering of the people at the bottom, they will live in dire straits. "

Chu Chu Yan's beautiful star eyes ripple slightly: "brother Yu was born in an official family?"

Mo Siyu shook his head and nodded again. He was afraid that Chu Chuyan would continue to ask, so he simply changed the topic: "I heard that brother Yan fell out after a big fight with the owner of the family, and I haven't made up until now.

My wife is very worried. I don't know why? "

Mentioned this matter, Chu Chu Yan's long eyebrow slowly wrinkled up: "I never thought that I would have different views with my father.

It's about the lives of thousands of people in the Chu family. My father's fear and retreat is right, but I'm not reconciled to it....

"what's the matter?" Mo Siyu approached Chu Chu and said, "if it can threaten the lives of thousands of people in Chu's family, only the high priest can have such ability in the whole moon city."

"I suspect that the missing people, even the bodies that were thrown under the canyon to feed the fish, were abandoned sons from the high priest's house. He wanted to use the Chu family's power to find out the truth, but his father was furious and refused to allow them.

But the more he reacted, the more I felt that my intuition was right. I wanted to find it by myself, and my father scolded me. This was the first time since I grew up that he scolded me so severely... "Chu Chuyan sighed:" there are too many secrets in the priesthood. What does the high priest want to do?

I always feel that he will be against you in the future! "

"How can I see it?"

"The high priest has always been arrogant and independent for more than ten years. Except for the necessary occasions, he will not appear in other occasions.

Even the Min family, who helped him to the high priest's position, could wash the door with blood. Why do you indulge so much? " Chu Chu said: "once or twice, maybe he was merciful and in a good mood to let you go, but the last time you felt the pulse of the mysterious young master in the priest's palace, he obviously killed you....
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