Chapter 974 - Breakthrough

Jon flew into the sky, holding his spear tightly. As he began spinning the spear, multiple tornados were created. Everything in their paths was destroyed. Cross and Orion both decided to attack Jon the old fashion way, head-on. Cross easily ripped off one of Jon's wings, causing him to scream like a banshee. Royal blue blood splattered into Cross's face making him furious. He grabbed and placed him a full nelson. Orion generated powerful triple damage around his hands repeatly punching him in his stomach until his insides were mashed into the blood of his organs. As Orion continued to punch him, Jon began laughing like a maniac. Orion was confused. " What the f.u.c.k is so funny?!" shouted Orion. Jon opened his mouth, beginning to charge up a fireball in his throat. Before he could fire the fireball, Orion ripped off his bottom jaw, stabbing him in the chest with a part of his own body. Jon screamed in pain. He then overpowered both Cross and Orion. It's time for my final wish!!" I wish, Cross fired a metallic spike into Jon's lungs, cutting off his air supply. He fell from the sky like a fallen angel that was kicked out of heaven. His last wish would be something very horrible.

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