Chapter 17: Chapter 17: The gathering

Everyone present knew that Gu Yanwei was an assistant who accompanied the Crown Prince of the huo family to all sorts of public places.
However, they had heard that Huo Nanchen had a wife.
They were not too sure about who she was or what her identity was. However, there were rumors that Huo Shao had no feelings for his wife, who had been married for half a year. This was definitely a good opportunity for Gu Yanwei.
If she clung onto her thigh now, she might be able to get some benefits in the future.
"You, you only know how to spout nonsense! " A pink glow gradually appeared on Gu Yanwei's face. When she thought of that man, her heart suddenly skipped a beat.
One day, she would replace that good-for-nothing and become Mrs. Huo!
When almost everyone had arrived, Lin Hao could not help but ask, "is Gu Ruochu really not coming today? Back then, she was the famous school Belle of our school. So many years have passed, I wonder how she's doing now. "
Back then, Gu Ruochu was the dream goddess of many of them. Although they had not seen each other for a few years, they were more curious about Gu Ruochu's current situation.
"Yanwei is her elder sister. She should know about the current situation of the School Belle, right? " Li Xuefei could not help but ask. However, when she saw Gu Yanwei looking at them with a troubled look, she sighed.
"after graduation, my sister stayed at home and did not go out to work. "
Stayed at home and did not work Isn't this just eating the old?
Hearing Gu Yanwei's words, everyone guessed that Gu Ruochu was not doing too well. In this day and age, what's the use of just having a face? Back in school, Gu Ruochu was already the last in their class. Now, it has become a problem for her to even feed herself. She was practically like heaven and earth compared to Gu Yanwei!
When Liu mengyu heard Gu Ruochu's name, she could not help but mock, "this person is an idiot. She only has a vase-like face. How can she compare to Yanwei? In my opinion, Yanwei can't even compare to a single finger of hers! "
"Oh, everyone's here. " Zhu Li accompanied Gu Ruochu into the room and could not help but smile as she greeted her. The crowd turned to look at her but their eyes unconsciously fell on Gu Ruochu who was behind them. Suddenly, their eyes lit up.
Gu Ruochu!
Her back was straight as she stood there. It was as if her entire being had completely transformed. She no longer had that bitter expression on her face. Instead, she looked like a cool breeze on a summer day.
She was wearing tiffany's latest luxury necklace which was inlaid with many fine diamonds. Under the bright light, it was exceptionally dazzling and made her look elegant and noble.
What a magnificent sight!
Gu Yanwei heard the gasps around her and the smile on her lips gradually disappeared.
Gu Ruochu was wearing a matching ring and bracelet. The luster that was gradually spreading made all the women present widen their eyes. They could not help but shake their eyes at the sight.
"Hi. "
The female students had been feeling sorry for Gu Ruochu. Now that she had appeared on stage, they felt as if their hearts were going to explode. To be able to wear such expensive jewelry and carry a limited edition Hermes bag, she was not as miserable as Gu Yanwei had described.
Who would have thought that a slap to the face would come so quickly!
This is... ... Gu Ruochu ?
"long time no see. " Gu Ruochu's gaze swept across the room before finally landing on Gu Yanwei. "sister, you're here too. "
The people present had been in society for a few years, so they were basically intelligent people. When they saw Gu Ruochu's noble attire, they knew that not only was she living well, she was also very rich!
When they thought about how Gu Yanwei had said that her sister did not come out to work at home, they could not help but feel suspicious. Could it be that she had hooked up with a rich man to be able to afford this outfit?