Chapter 2704: Play kiss

"Mommy... Mommy... Don't fight! It really hurts!"

Seeing that his mother, Lin Xueluo, was really angry and really hitting him late, Lin immediately admitted:

"I study hard, fall in love, and live a good life...respect you and daddy! Be a positive, optimistic and cheerful girl in the new era!"

"It's almost the same!"

Lin Xueluo put away the willow trees and weaved them into canes, "It's all grown-up girls, and let Daddy and Mommy worry about you? In the future, if I dare to threaten my parents to death, I will try to be strong first. Beat it to death!"

"Mummy, don't you need to be so cruel?" Lin Wan breathed in pain.

"Isn't that because you were in front first?"

After talking about the great principles for a few times, Lin Xueluo used the force of the family to solve it, "to threaten her parents with her own life is simply in the heart of Lingchi's parents! There will be another time, but not so. Lighter!"

Xiao Xiaonuo was dumbfounded at the time: He didn't expect that he would be the best to talk and love his grandma the most, so he would even hit people with willow sticks?

"Xiao Nuo, put the willow sticks back to the original place for grandma!"

Lin Xueluo said softly to the little grandson, "Next time your aunt commits a crime again, grandma has to use it!"

Xiao Xiao Nuo took the willow tree twigs in her grandma's hand, looked at it and thought about it, then stretched out her hand to seal Lin Nuo to Dad scum:

"Grandma, you haven't beaten my scum dad yet! Daddy scumbags Xiao Nuo's brain collapsed!"

"Smelly boy, you're afraid that the world won't be messy! I'm your father! You rebellious son!"

Feng Linnuo immediately came forward and snatched the willow twigs from his son, and then hid it in a hurry.

"Does it hurt? Let grandma take a look!"

Lin Xueluo embraced the little grandson lovingly, and then kissed the little guy's head.

"It hurts, it hurts! Xiao Nuo is almost stupid!"

The little guy touched his little head and complained.

"Feng Linnuo! How many times has Mommy told you: Xiao Nuo's head is not fully grown, why do you always like to play his head? If you dare to play him again, I will use willow sticks to draw you ten. Time! If you don't believe me, try it!"

Lin Xueluo sternly, "If you don't change it, you will get your bad hands!"

Feng Linnuo: "..." The stinky kid complained to himself again!

After Ji Fei Gou Tiao's breakfast, Feng Lin Wan got on Da Nuo's supercar.

"Brother Big Nuo, send me to Wansi Network Technology Company!"

The reason why he sat in the supercar of Big Nuo obediently was not for the obedient GK venture capital.

"What? Do you want me to send you to Wansi Technology to date the Fifteenth Seal?"

Feng Linnuo frowned, "Are you not afraid that your father will take a forty-meter machete and chop our brother and sister?"

"Don't worry, if you want my father to cut us with a forty-meter knife, I will also block it for you!"

Lin Wan patted Brother Da Nuo on the shoulder, "Besides, my father loves me so much, I can't bear to cut it!"

"My father is so reluctant to cut you down... but will he cut me and the fifteenth seal... that's really hard to say!"

Feng Linnuo kicked the accelerator and the supercar drove out of the villa complex like an arrow from the string.

"Brother Dano, if you dare to take me to Wansi Technology, then I will call a car by myself!"

Lin Wan snorted, "Coward! I dare not cut a knife for my own sister!"

"You are not afraid that if this knife is inserted wrongly, it will accidentally be inserted into Feng 15's body?"

Feng Linnuo asked with a snort.

"No... Brother Fifteen is now Uncle Cong's adopted son. He has no reason to be afraid of my daddy!"

Lin Wan mumbled, "Besides, you, Brother Xiao Chong, and Pi An'an can't beat Brother Fifteen... My daddy can't beat it even more!"

"Our father can't beat..."

Feng Linnuo analyzed, "But don't forget, in case your father asks Uncle Mao Cong to teach Feng 15... Do you think Uncle Mao Cong will go?"

"Uncle Cong will definitely not listen to my father! If he listens to my father in everything, he won't take Brother Fifteen back to be his own son!"

Lin Wan said in a matter of fact.


Feng Linnuo murmured, "All right, since I am quite satisfied with the prospective brother-in-law of Feng Fifteen, Brother Da Nuo will try his best and send you to a date with my prospective brother-in-law!"

"Thank you Brother Danuo! The best Brother Danuo tonight!"

Lin Wan kindly pleased her.

Supercars roared towards the office building of Wansi Technology. The guard stopped quickly because the security did not let him go.

"Do you want to die? Don't want to be mixed up? Hurry up and move the bearer to my son. If you scratch my son's car, it won't be enough to sell your family!"

Feng Linnuo was a little upset!

He has become accustomed to the unimpeded daily routine of the Grand Master Feng!

But I didn't want to be stopped by a small security guard in an office building.

"Who are you? Heavenly King Laozi is here, not as arrogant as you!" The security guard is also an iron head.

"He is Mr. Feng from GK Ventures. He came to you Mr. Feng to discuss investment matters!"

When I came to Wansi Technology for the first time, Feng Linwan wanted to leave a good impression on the staff of Wansi.

"Why are you surnamed Feng?" The security guard asked curiously.

"Because your chief executive was originally my daddy's godson, who gave him the surname!"

Feng Linnuo rewarded the security guard with an impatient roll of his eyes, "If you don't let it go, today will be your last day of work at Wansi Technology!"

"Who are you scaring? We are really good at Feng. I'm not afraid of you troublemakers!"

"I'm going... do you have any eyesight?"

Feng Linnuo snorted, "You don't recognize me, you always recognize this is a limited edition Lamborghini Daniel? You drive this kind of car, you dare to stop it?"

"Hehe! These days, there are many people who rent a car and pretend to be everywhere!"

The security guard carried forward his iron head style to the end, "Besides, for supercars like this, there are several in our closed underground parking lot! Normally, he has no voice as loud as you!"

Feng Linnuo: "..."

Feng Linnuo did not continue to talk with the security guard, got out of the car, and directly kicked the bar with his leg.

"Hurry up and call your boss to file a complaint! It is said that an older brother-in-law named Feng Linnuo cut off your sprinkling bar!"

Feng Linnuo drove his beloved Daniel directly into it.

Lamborghini stopped by the eye-catching locomotive.

Feng Linnuo recognized the modified locomotive, which was the one Feng Shiv drove at his sister's coming-of-age dinner last night.

I have to say that this 15th front cover is really unconventional.

The other brothers and sisters rushed to drive luxury cars, so Feng Shiv rode a locomotive and drove over.

As soon as he pulled his sister Lin Wan out of the supercar, a person like a female secretary rushed over in a panic.

"Mr. Mr. Feng asked me to pick you up!"

Feng Linnuo always felt that the secretary called himself ‘General Manager Xiao Feng’ strangely.

In GK Ventures, because of his father Feng Xinglang, the staff called him Xiao Feng, which is completely normal. But here, the secretary called himself Xiao Feng Zong Shi, always felt that he was cheaper than Feng Fifteen!

The female secretary led the Feng Linnuo brothers and sisters directly to the seventh floor of the office building.

Feng Shiwu was chatting with a few celebrity celebrities; seeing Feng Linnuo leading his sister Lin Wan in, he immediately signaled the celebrity celebrities to leave first.

"Dear Master Feng is coming here, and you are welcome!"

Feng fifteen got up to greet him.

"Brother Fifteen!"

Feng Linnuo couldn't stop it, and her unreserved sister had already rushed towards Feng 15th's embrace.

"Brother Fifteen, why did you go so eagerly last night? Didn't leave me contact information!"

Then he hugged tightly the Feng Fifteen who got up to meet him, all kinds of acting like a baby, all kinds of kisses.

Looking at his sister's sweet appearance, Feng Linnuo was not willing to come forward to stop it.

First love is always fascinating!

"Didn't the clever nightie have already been found... what a wise girl!"

Feng Fifteen gently rubbed the tip of Lin Wan's nose with his fingertips, and said very fondly.

Feng Linnuo was the one who came here. At this moment, he suddenly had a different understanding of the fifteenth seal before him.

The previous seal of fifteenth, in the Yulongcheng, is careful; to Yan Wushu is tolerant and then tolerant, and filial piety to his father! He was even more modest to him, the eldest son of the Feng family!

But the current seal fifteen seems to be a little more wolfish!

In the presence of his prospective brother-in-law, he dared to tease his sister like this!

"You accidentally kicked the bar at your house... do you need to accompany you?" Feng Linnuo asked quietly.

"You didn't hurt your leg, did you? Then I'm guilty! The license plate number has been entered, and if you come here in the future, it will be unblocked!"

Feng Fifteen just stood still, and any Feng Linwan hugged him tightly and rubbed himself in his arms.

"Brother Fifteen, have you missed me in the past four years?"

Lin Wan put her face on the heart of Seal 15 and listened to his strong heartbeat.

"Of course I thought about it! My sister is so cute and sweet tonight... Why don't you want to be a brother!"

Feng fifteen did not respond to Lin Wan's actions; instead, any Lin Wan passively restrained him.

Lin Wan stood on tiptoe and wanted to seal the lip of the fifteenth, but due to her height difference, she could only kiss the chin of the fifteenth;

Just kissed the chin on the front cover of the fifteenth, Lin Wan was so satisfied and satisfied!

As long as she kisses the front cover of the fifteenth, she is happy wherever she kisses!

I can't wait to integrate myself into Feng Fifteen's body!

Feng Fifteen lowered his head slightly, and put a soft kiss on Lin Wan's forehead...

Then Lin Wan caught her lips and deepened the kiss!

This is not so much a kiss as it is a family-style kiss!

The 15th front cover didn't let Lin Wan indulge in this playful kiss. Seven or eight seconds later, he raised his head and looked at the prospective uncle Feng Linnuo with a smile.

"Okay, Lin Wan...can you be more reserved?"

Feng Linnuo lightly scolded his sister Lin Wan while squinting at Feng Fifteen. He seems to be using his professional eyes to judge: Is Feng Fifteen's feelings for his sister Lin Wan, really love? Or is it the simple liking of brother to sister?

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