"Sorry, sorry. I was just looking at my phone, so I didn't pay attention." Chen Guang immediately apologized and extended his hand to try to pull the person in front.


Before he could even stretch his hand out halfway, he was slapped away by Scarred Woman.

"Fake!" Scarred Woman stared angrily as she stood up and patted the dust on her hands. Suddenly, she seemed to have realized something and her face changed.

"My bag, where's my wallet?" She was so frightened that her blood seemed to have drained out, she anxiously stayed in place and fumbled, after that she stopped and looked up towards Chen Guang with suspicion.

"Miss, what are you looking at me for? You were the one with the ball, and now you suspect that I'm stealing something from you? "

Chen Guang was speechless, this was what you call getting shot while lying down.

A ball hit a person?

Scarred Woman's face flushed red, fortunately her makeup was too heavy, covering up this small detail.

"You must have stolen it. The wallet was clearly in my hand just now, but I was hit by you and I couldn't find it."

The Scarred Woman glared as his voice became shrill. She raised his voice abruptly, "Someone is coming, everybody come out quickly, there's a thief here! Come and help catch the thieves! "

KTV was originally a noisy place. Under normal circumstances, even if someone shouted this, no one would hear it.

However, her voice was very different, as if she had practiced it before. It was extremely piercing.

"What's going on? "What's the situation?"

"Seems like someone stole something and got caught red-handed."

"Holy shit, a thief came to steal something, but now the thief is so daring."

Everyone emerged from the private box and started to discuss with one another.

Under the Scarred Woman's exaggeration, more and more people gathered.

"Don't listen to her nonsense, I didn't steal her purse at all!"

Chen Guang said as he saw the trend of things getting darker and darker.

But unfortunately, it was already too late for him to speak.

Under the guidance of the Scarred Woman, everyone had already set Chen Guang's first impression on them.

"Damned thief, you've been caught red-handed, yet you're still being stubborn!"

"This kind of thief should be beaten half to death and sent to the police station!"

Chen Guang's face darkened. Do you want to invert right and wrong like this?

"Let me tell you, my wallet is a limited edition LV bag imported from foreign countries. The market price alone is as high as 2 million!"

When Scarred Woman said this, everyone gasped.

"Hiss —"

Although the golden age was considered an upscale KTV, it was only around one thousand to ten thousand yuan. As a result, most of the people who came to buy it were just white-collar employees. To them, two million yuan was a sky-high price.

"F * ck, this situation is getting worse. This guy even knows how to pick. Two million!"

"I've never been able to earn that much in my entire life. Yet, this fellow, after succeeding once, he became rich immediately!"

"Humph!" I don't like this kind of money the most. We'll arrest him and send him to the police! "

The situation seemed to get worse, and even the counter manager hurried over.

After understanding the situation, he couldn't help but feel depressed in his heart.

What's wrong with these tycoons? You can even take out a gold card with Funny Antique Pavilion, why would you care about a mere two million? Was there a need to steal it?

Seeing the distrust in everyone's eyes, Chen Guang became angry, and roared: "Are you guys kidding me, I did not steal her purse, if you do not believe me, you can search her body!"

"So be it!" "Don't think I don't dare!" Scarred Woman also seemed to be angry, just as she was about to personally go and search her body, she was immediately stopped by the people beside him.

"A little girl like you searching his body, isn't that the same thing as letting him take advantage of me? Just let the KTV staff do this sort of thing."

"That's right, that's right. If this guy felt that there was no way out and wanted to drag you down with him, wouldn't that be done for?"

After everyone's discussion, in the end, the counter manager personally came out and began searching for him in front of everyone.

Chen Guang frowned, he was doing his best to sit at the edge of his seat. He was upright and was not afraid of being crooked, he did not have any intention of refusing.

This woman was really stubborn. She simply checked the manager and stopped her. If she solved this problem, she would have to go to the police station later.

The manager saw Chen Guang's attitude and determined that Chen Guang did not do anything to steal from him. He believed that it was just a misunderstanding, so he searched extremely casually.

But when he checked the pockets of Chen Guang's jeans, his expression suddenly changed and his body froze.

He touched something.

Seeing the manager's change in attitude, Chen Guang's heart started to thump loudly.

Could it be …

"Hey, what's going on? What's in his pocket? Take it out for us to see!"

"Manager, you better not practice favoritism just because the other party came out of a luxurious private room. Such a large number of theft, that is a serious crime!" Be careful not to set yourself on fire. "

The crowd's words made the manager's wavering and uncertain heart turn firm. He gritted his teeth and directly took out the thing in Chen Guang's pocket.

It was a pink coloured purse made of leather. It was smooth and tough, and its appearance was exquisite. Within the extravagance, it also had a hint of a young girl's cuteness. The two symbols on the corner of the purse were even more eye-catching.

"That's my bag, that's my LV bag that's worth two million!" Scarred Woman exclaimed, she immediately took back the purse and looked at it carefully, her expression changing as she glared at Chen Guang: All the change inside is gone, he must have stolen it!

The current situation was that the evidence was conclusive and the bandits had been caught red-handed. Even those who had their suspicions about this matter were now firmly lined up.

"Holy shit, I've seen that bag on the internet. It's definitely a limited edition one!" To say that it's 2 million is still too little. In fact, there's no market for it now and the price of the black market has already risen to 3 or 4 million! "

"I never thought that this young man would actually be a thief. He looks like he's very skilled at it. He's a thief!"

"Let's push him to the police station together!"

The crowd was furious. Everyone hated thieves.

The manager saw that the situation had developed to this point and couldn't help but mutter to himself.

If Chen Guang really entered the police station, when the news spread tomorrow, he would definitely not be able to keep his job, and with regards to this matter, it would have a huge impact on his golden age, so much that he might even be cut off from the guest list.

After all, no one wanted to sing a song from a KTV that had once been frequented by thieves.

"This... "That's not good. Miss, do you think this matter can be resolved privately?" The manager looked at Scarred Woman with an imploring look. He had stayed in Golden Age for a long time, to get this position, he did not want to ruin his career because of this.

"This …" Scarred Woman was obviously hesitating, but when everyone saw the situation, they were displeased.

"Beauty, don't be soft-hearted. To deal with this kind of thief, you have to be ruthless!"

"That's right. Beauty, don't listen to the manager's nonsense. Why do you have to keep it a secret? Just send him to jail before he can vent his anger!"

F * ck! All of you want to kill me so I can be happy, right?

Chen Guang's face darkened, he faintly understood in his heart that he had been tricked by someone else.

Seeing the manager look for help, Chen Guang's face became gloomy, he did not want to enter the police station, nor did he want to lower his head.

As if he had noticed the manager's actions, Scarred Woman sighed and said: "Sigh, my heart is just too soft. How about this, whoever it is, give me three million and I'll just pretend that nothing happened."

Without waiting for Chen Guang to react, the manager's face lit up with joy, and he immediately thanked: "Thank you for your understanding, Beauty! Thank you, beautiful lady, for your understanding! "

When everyone heard this, their faces revealed dissatisfaction.

Three million was enough to solve the problem of a prison cell, they just felt that they were lucky to have Chen Guang as a thief.

But in Chen Guang's opinion, this woman had just casually said it and earned three million!

This efficiency was even faster than the money printing machine!


The door of room 425 opened, and Chen Feiyan and Hua Tuo walked out. When they saw the group of people outside, they were startled.

"What's going on? Didn't I tell you to go and collect the fees?" "Why are you still at the door when the time is up?" Chen Feiyan asked.

"Chen Guang, what happened?" Hua Tuo had a puzzled look.

Chen Guang's face turned ugly, he shook his head and said in a low voice: "I've been framed and accused of stealing, I have to pay three million before I'm willing to let me go."

Three million?!

Chen Feiyan couldn't help but cover her mouth as her eyes opened wide. She had never seen such a large sum in her life before!

Their family was originally an ordinary well-off family, with less than three million yuan. However, they had never had more than three million yuan left over.

That was to say, he wouldn't be able to take out this money at the moment. Even if he contacted his parents, he would need to go through various processes and even sell off some businesses in order to gather enough money.

Three million! That was a price he had to pay with his life!

"This is extortion fraud!" We'll call the police! " Chen Feiyan was so angry that her eyes were red, and she said angrily.