35 I will gladly accept !

Kiara looked at the king then looked at Mr Ranch . Mr Ranch was very surprised when he heard the king . The king saw that Kiara was looking at Mr Ranch to make sure that he was telling the truth .

It took just a glance full of authority from King Charles to make Mr Ranch agree even though he didn't want to .

'' So...What is your answer ? '' asked the king .

The king's voice made Kiara come out of her deep thoughts .

'' I'm sorry for spacing out like that before , Your Majesty ! I just find your words very hard to believe when knowing how my grandfather's character is . It's doubtful ! '' said Kiara with a serious tone .

'' You have my word that he will go with this agreement as said but first I need to know your answer.'' said the king calmly with a smile .

' Knowing her character , I think she won't give it up .' thought Eskylrious when remembering all the times she had an argument . Unless she won , she wouldn't let the other party have their way .

Kiara looked at Justin . He was strongly against it and looked at her in an angry way . His eyes clearly told her that she shouldn't agree to such a request , ever . If their family had an improvement it was all thanks to that half token . Kiara knew that very well but she also knew how much her brother continued to practice in secret . He loved to improve his fighting skills . Although he tried to avoid this inner passion of his by trying something else , it still was useless . Kiara looked at Justin with a warm smile then turned her head towards King Charles .

'' If that's so , I will gladly accept ! Thank you your Majesty ! '' said Kiara while slightly bowing with respect .

The king remained surprised by her response and then laughed in a slight manner . Even Eskylrious found it very strange .

'' Are you sure ? '' asked the king again .

'' Yes , Your Majesty ! '' said Kiara .

'' Do you know what it takes to be a leader miss Kiara ? '' asked the king .

'' I should have been born a boy . '' said Kiara while thinking of the qualities she possessed . Apart from being a boy , she fulfilled the other criterias pretty well .

'' Hahahahahahahaha ! '' laughed the king . Eskylrious and Justin also laughed a little .

'' I can kinda guess your thoughts at this moment miss Kiara but let me tell you that you're wrong . The most essential quality is having a heart made of stone in order to maintain your power . A leader represents not only himself but also its people . '' said the king .

'' I understand but to me , my family is the only one that matters to me the most . Initially , I only participated in this competition to give protect my family . To me there's no meaning in having the all power in my hands if I don't share it with the people I hold dear . '' said Kiara in a cool way .

' This girl is indeed weird ! No wonder my grandson finds her interesting . ' thought the king .

Justin remained astonished when he saw Kiara taking out of her pocket half of the Heir token . He grabbed her hand and told her to stop . Without that token , their family would fall even more than it already was . Kiara took Justin's hand and told him that no matter the price , it was worth giving it a try about the things that he wanted to achieve . Kiara patted Justin's shoulder and then went towards the king . With a slight bow, she handed over the token to him . Mr Ranch was very irritated by this turn of events . After taking the token the king told Mr Ranch to follow him to his study and they both left , leaving Kiara , Justin and the crown prince alone . The siblings bowed to the crown prince and were about to leave but Kiara stopped .

'' Kiara ?! '' said Justin .

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'' You go ahead Justin , I will follow you shortly . '' said Kiara in a calm tone .

'' But... '' said Justin in a bit of a worried tone . He knew that she had some misunderstandings with the crown prince and was afraid to leave her alone .

Kiara told him not to worry and go ahead then Justin left . The guards outside closed the door when Justin left the room .

'' So what is it that miss Kiara wants to talk about with me ? '' asked Eskylrious .

'' Your Highness , I am terribly sorry about everything till now . I wasn't able to recognize a magnificent person such as yourself , I have no excuse for my blindness . '' said Kiara with a slight bow .

'' The fact that you are asking for forgiveness is so unlike you ! '' said Eskylrious with a smirk .

'' I ask Your Highness to show mercy and forgive me ! '' said Kiara again .

'' Your apology sounds too half-hearted, try again ! '' said Eskylrious who was enjoying Kiara's annoyed face .

'' May His Highness be kind enough to tell me how should I convince him that my apology is sincere?! '' said Kiara with an annoying smile .

'' Are you really asking me ?! You should think about it yourself otherwise it would be meaningless . '' said Eskylrious .

' Princes are described as real gentlemen in every article or book you read but looking at this one in front of me it's definitely not true ! ' thought Kiara who was hardly trying to hold herself from talking back at him .

' Her irritated face is funny ! I am gonna make you pay for calling me giraffe ! ' thought Eskylrious when looking at her .

Kiara apologized two other times but still , she was getting nowhere .

'' I see that you are too stupid to think of a good way to apologize so I will think of something and notify you later . '' said Eskylrious as if he was annoyed .

' You arrogant jerk ! ' thought Kiara angrily .

'' Of course Your Highness ! I shall take my leave now ! '' said Kiara and then left the room .

'' Hahahahahhaahaha ! I am definitely gonna use this opportunity to the fullest . '' said Eskylrious with a smirk .

Outside the room , Kiara saw that Justin was waiting for her . She was very irritated but in order not to make Justin worry she continued to smile .

'' Big sis , .....thank you ! Truly thank you ! '' said Justin with a big smile and teary eyes . He hugged Kiara and a tear fell from his cheek .

'' Oh come on ! You're a big man now , you can't cry ! '' said Kiara patting Justin's head .

'' I will always be a child in front of you . '' said Justin with a gentle and warm smile .

'' Let's go to our room first and celebrate by eating lots of sweets ! '' said Kiara and both of them went to their room .