Just now, after the heart of wood's sword was upgraded to level 9, the fusion degree of the rules of Jiangcheng sword was also improved.

But it is still the early level of zhundi.

No way. Although both of them are related to Kendo, they belong to different systems.

The rule of sword is the most reasonable of kendo, while the heart of sword is a branch of kendo. There is little correlation between the two.

Brother Cheng estimated that he had to make more nine level swords to improve the fusion degree of sword rules to the later period of emperor Zhun.

If you say that, I'm afraid you're going to kill a group of people.

How many nine step swords are there?

Breaking into the heart of the fire sword, he was attacked by countless fire swords.

There was a fire all around, but it was different from the real flame.

Most fire swords don't have a burning feeling. After all, it's not the rule of fire.

City brother resisted for a while, and then naturally could not.

He's getting used to it.

With the salted fish mentality that he could not resist and enjoy, he hung up again gorgeous.

Then the system prompts the sound to come on.

"Ding! The host has been killed. We are testing the enemy's strength and arranging the resurrection plan! "

"Ding! The host gains the heart of fire

"Ding! The host is resurrected

His guess was right. The system gave him the heart of fire this time.

What's more, it's a bold and direct plan to push from zero to nine levels once and for all.

After getting the heart of the fire sword of the Ninth level, the artistic conception of fire in front of him has no threat at all.

Because his level in this respect has exceeded the limit of the test.

Customs clearance is a matter of course.

And the fusion degree of his sword rules has been improved again, which is not far from the mid-term of zhundi.

The swordsmen outside didn't leave.

At this time, because the impression of leader Jiang was not very good, and the face was beaten, everyone deliberately avoided talking about him.

What if you become the sword master? We just don't chase you.

You are still the escapee in the sword repair, traitor!

We won't recognize you!

This also creates a strange phenomenon.

The appearance of a new sword master is a great event that can make the circle of sword cultivation break the sky.

Other people will definitely be talked about for a long time.

But the group of people who witnessed it with their own eyes, however, calmed down abnormally quickly.

Of course, they are only calm on the surface, and only they know what they are thinking inside.

"Well, it's said that Luoxing zhundi of xingxiangzhai got the eight step sword heart a few years ago?"

Someone deliberately digs away from the topic to ease the embarrassment, so others immediately agree.

"Yes, yes, it is!"

"Luoxing zhundi is so powerful that he deserves to be one of the representatives of Lingxing's sword heart."

"It is said that Lingxing zhundi of the chopping immortal sword sect is not far from the heart of the eighth level sword..."

"Powerful, powerful..."

They said something fierce, but they couldn't help thinking of the nine step sword heart.

Compared with the Ninth level, the eighth level is somewhat eclipsed.

It's not enough to change the subject.

At this time, dijianshan made a rumbling sound again!

Then, the nine colors of light soared into the sky.

"The heart of fire!"

"The Ninth level vision, the fire of the sword heart also appeared a new sword master!"

Someone broke into a scream.

All the swordsmen on the spot flew up into the sky, but unfortunately they couldn't see what happened inside.

I don't know who it is.

"What's going on, trough?"

"Just now there was a sword master in the heart of wood. Now there is another sword master in the heart of fire?"

"Two sword masters in one day?"

"It's a miracle from heaven!"

"Who is it?"

"Who is the master of the heart of the fire sword?"

Originally, there was a sword master in the heart of fire sword, but now there is a second one.

Those sword practitioners who have cultivated the heart of fire sword are so excited that tears are in their eyes.

"I'm on fire!"

"Ha ha ha, a master of double swords, leading the way!"

"I don't know who is Tianjiao?"

"There are only a few people who practice the heart of fire sword and have reached the eighth level, but they didn't come today!"

"Is it the hidden sword repair that just came out of the mountain today?"

"It must be!"

"If you don't fly for three years, you will soar to the sky!"

In order to offset the shock caused by the city elder brother just now, people are now extremely refreshed.

He tried his best to praise the "new master of the sword of fire.".

I wish I could boast him that there is something in heaven and nothing on earth.Some people even began to step on a handful of

"Fire is the enemy of wood. It's God's will."

"Ha ha, right, right, just out of a wood, now out of a fire, it's really the day to kill him..."

"Let's witness the appearance of the hermit sword master."

"Yes, it's a historic moment to write about!"

A group of people gathered outside dijianshan, their faces were all like fans, with strong expectation and worship.

Then, a little sun was rising.

The air of fire comes to my face.

In the halo of nine colors, a figure looms.

People are trying to see it.

After seeing it clearly, I almost passed out on the spot.

In that aura, it's Jiangcheng again!

Seeing everyone's expectant expression, he naturally thought that he was cheering for himself.

So he waved again and again.

Until he disappeared again, there was a terrible silence.

The sword repair of the heart of the fire sword was even more embarrassing.

Just now I said that God's will, huokemu, is it to let others control themselves?

Others, however, were more shocked.

It's not uncommon for a man to have two kinds of swords.

For example, Guizang, the old swordsman, had the title because he had four swords.

Therefore, he became the leader of the sword field.

But one man made two swords to the Ninth level, which was the first time in the world.

After all, it's very difficult for any swordsman to reach the Ninth level because of his talent, opportunity, realm and Qi.

Otherwise, there would not have been only seven people in the six realms before that.

"How could this happen?"

Finally, someone couldn't help asking questions.

It's like opening a gate. Everyone can't wait to express their inner shock and absurd emotions.

"He became the master of the two swords of wood and fire?"

"Isn't that fake?"

"No, that vision can't be more real!"

"But it's incredible."

"What kind of Kendo talent does it take to do this?"

"I'm afraid it's unparalleled in the world..."

"With such a talent of kendo, why does he choose the speed rule? Isn't that a tyrant?"

Even if they no longer want to pursue Jiang Cheng, they can't avoid talking about it now.

One man and two swords master, this is enough to make the whole sword repair world have a violent earthquake.

Let alone in the history of Jianxiu.

In the future, everyone will not even mention the Immortal Emperor of sword first, but will be the first to mention him.

This is the arrangement of double sword master!

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