When the crowd outside was about to go crazy, Cang Ling inside said that he had opened his eyes.

"You are the master of the heart of the fire sword again?"

"How did you do that?"

"Don't tell me what it is because of!"

She said: "tell me honestly, have you mastered any tricks?"

Now she is wondering if there is any loophole to be drilled in this place.

Otherwise it doesn't make sense.

This guy obviously doesn't have the heart of a sword. On this basis, he is the worst one.

He never mentioned anything about kendo.

Obviously, he didn't have much interest in this before.

This kind of person can repair the heart of two swords directly to the top. Is there any heavenly principle or royal method?


Brother Cheng touched his hair and said: "I said it. I'm in excellent condition today. My feeling is like a blowout. Pile after pile of people are going out..."

Cang Ling was almost angry with him.

"What sentiment can push the heart of the sword from zero to nine levels at one time, you tell me!"

"Well, sentiment can't be expressed, it can only be understood."

In fact, we all died twice under your eyes. Unfortunately, you took it as a place to die. What else can we do?

"Do you want to continue?"

Cang Ling saw that he didn't mean to leave at all. At this time, he was marching towards the center of the water sword.

"Of course!"

Cheng Gexin said that the brand of the rules of my sword didn't even reach the middle period of zhundi.

Although the power of fencing is several times greater now, its main purpose has not been achieved.

"Your so-called feelings It's not over yet? "

"It seems so."

"Don't you want to be one more time? Then a moment later, he cleared the customs again.

The light of Jiucai rises to the sky, and leader Jiang becomes the leader of the fourth sword successfully!

All the swordsmen looked at the familiar halo, and their expressions were a little broken.

Small heart was pressed to rub four times, they have gradually numb, dull eyes like watching fireworks.

Calm and helpless.

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