After Jiang Cheng passed through the heart of the earth and became the master of the fifth heart of the sword, the fusion of his sword rules finally reached the level of the middle period of emperor Zhun.

From the early stage to the middle stage, the whole process is just one hour.

He is the only one who can improve the brand of rules.

"Five sword hearts..."

"The heart of the five elements sword has become the master of the sword. This man's feat is unprecedented!"

"Although he didn't want to admit it, he really became the first person in the history of sword cultivation..."

Those swordsmen who had mocked Cheng brother before felt that his Kendo talent was not as good as his own. Their faces were swollen and unwilling.

But I can't find any reason to refute it.

They are all masters of five swords. The heart of one of their swords is still at the fourth and fifth levels. They don't even have the qualification to compare them.

"The darkest day in the history of sword cultivation!"

"Well, I'll be laughed at by the immortals of other rules in the future."


Jian Xiu has always respected purity.

The purer it is, the stronger it is. This is our consensus.

Those not pure sword practitioners have long been "expelled" from the sword cultivation circle.

Taixiao Immortal Emperor, the leader of Tianjian palace, is a powerful old Immortal Emperor who also uses sword.

However, it was not the rule of sword but the rule of Yang that emperor Cheng chose, so he was not pure enough.

Even if his heart of dagri sword is eight steps, it is still not recognized by the sword cultivation circle.

Usually, people even say, look, this is the end of being unfaithful to the sword.

It's been tens of billions of years since Ming Dynasty, but the heart of the sword is still eight steps.

The leader of Tianjian palace can't even be the master of the sword.

Now the city brother has a lot of fun.

In the future, when other immortals see Jianxiu, they may say that the heart of the sword you are proud of is just like this. All of them are occupied by one speed emperor.

Who do you want to reason with?

Some Jian Xiu were even beaten in the face by leader Jiang, and they began to doubt themselves. Is it wrong to insist all the time?

"Could it be that Sword repair doesn't need to be pure? "

"Confused! Don't be confused by that monster

"He's just a special case!"

"You must keep your heart and not be shaken by him!"

"Fortunately, it's just the heart of the five elements sword..."

Although any heart of the sword can become Tao, different hearts of the sword can be divided into equal ranks.

The heart of the sword is the highest, followed by Changming and Yongye. The difficulty is many times higher than other heart of the sword.

As for the heart of the five elements sword, it is the easiest to understand.

"Yes, fortunately, it's just the heart of the five elements sword."

"I doubt if he has any treasure of the five elements, so he is opportunistic."

"It must be so, or I can't explain it!"

"The four emotions and the five elements have nothing to do with each other. He can't understand them."

"Anyway, it's over."

If brother Cheng hears their comments, he may say, Sao Nian, you are too young.

Seeing that he went to the direction of the heart of the blissful sword, he didn't mean to stop at all. Cang Ling also collapsed.

"Do you want to continue?"


"Isn't your so-called inspiration over yet?"

"Yes, it doesn't mean that sentiment is like a blowout. It's not finished yet."

"You've been spraying too long, haven't you?"

Cang Ling said that I believe in you.

"And the heart of the sword belongs to one of the four emotions. Do you have a cross-border feeling?"

Brother Cheng perfunctorily said: "all belong to the heart of the sword. It's understandable..."

He soon stepped into the range of the heart of the blissful sword, and also ushered in another attack.

Da Dao still arranged the intensity according to the realm of his later zhundi, but this time the progress was not as smooth as before.

No way, his strength is improving.

The rule brand of sword has just reached the middle period of emperor zhundi. Now the strength he can use is much stronger than before.

From the mid-term of the bankruptcy version to the late stage of the bankruptcy version.

As a result, it is more difficult to die.

It took ten times more time than before before before he was finally killed, and then the system prompt sound rang.

"Ding! The host has been killed. We are testing the enemy's strength and arranging the resurrection plan! "

"Ding! The host gains the heart of blissful sword

"Ding! The host is resurrected

The living city brother naturally got the nine level blissful sword heart.

After that, he broke through the trial like a wreck and successfully cleared the customs again.

"Well, it's not easy this time!"

"I haven't worked so hard for a long time."Wiping the sweat that did not exist on his forehead, he felt a lot.

"It took so long to finally feel the heart of the sword. It's really a high difficulty."

Hearing this non-human speech, Cang Ling in the dark had a strong impulse to beat him.

Where are you working?

After obtaining the heart of the nine level blissful sword, Dali naturally raised the special effects aura again.

The city rose for the fifth time and made a grand appearance in front of the public.

This time, the sword repair group outside completely collapsed.

It's not over, is it?

"Blissful sword heart!"

"Wocao, it's one of the four feelings of the sword."

"He became the master of the blissful sword. How did he do that?"

"Doesn't it mean that the five elements and the four emotions don't communicate with each other?"

"Who just said that he had five elements of the treasure, opportunistic?"

"You have the ability to repair all the four emotions' swords to the Ninth level!"

"Now I feel It doesn't seem to be difficult for him

No matter how unhappy they are, they can only be convinced.

"If it goes on like this, dijianshan will be completely conquered by him!"

"Does that make people live?"

Is it true that all the swords of the nine core swords belong to him?

Thinking of the result, people didn't know what to say for a moment.

A lot of Jianxiu secretly doubted that there was something wrong with dijianshan, and they followed them.

However, the ending is very real. Everything in dijianshan is normal. They haven't got any promotion.

When time came the next day, the three swords behind the four feelings' swords were also "cultivated" to the Ninth level by brother Cheng.

So far, he really became the master of the nine swords.

In the face of this achievement, all the sword practitioners were shocked and numb.


"I'm convinced. Maybe this man was reincarnated with a sword in his previous life?"

"Maybe it's the highest sword in legend!"

If the city elder brother hears these conjectures, will certainly angry way you scold again?

When the heart of the ninth gate was opened, the whole dijianshan changed greatly again.

Intense light from every corner of the mountains, and then spread everywhere.

Bursts of ethereal fairy sound, so that countless immortals at this moment have been enlightened, someone has become the heart of the sword master nine.

The news shocked the immortals in the six realms.

How could this happen?

Who can be the master of the nine swords?

No matter who is the leader of the immortal world in Changming hall, or the giant of the demon world in the nine star magic hall, whether Ling Xing is a member of the chopping immortal sword sect, or the sunken quasi emperor who has experienced somewhere in the spirit world

At this moment, all showed extremely incredible expression.

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