Chapter 1733

Hearing this, all the people present looked at Chen Tianxing and obviously didn't understand his meaning.

Chen Tianxing looked at Lao Jiu coldly: "my secret is indeed a secret in front of outsiders, but I always regard you as relatives, brothers and sisters. Most of my secrets have been shared with you, including the secrets handed down from my vein, rewards and punishments, yin and Yang judges. How does your son know that inheritance? After entering the nine wasteland, it is more direct to find people who have the atmosphere of judges! Can you explain it to me? "

Hearing this, Wan Chen and others suddenly realized that they had figured out a lot of things in an instant. For a moment, they couldn't believe it.

"Is that true?"

After hearing this sentence, Lao Jiu's eyes dodged a little. For a moment, he didn't know what to say.

Chen Tianxing said: "the ancestor of my family is the judge, and the inheritance has always stayed in Jiuhuang. The secret of our family's protection is not yet revealed. But in order to let your son get the inheritance of my family, you asked him to go to Jiuhuang. If I remember correctly, the drop of real blood that he deliberately asked for from me before he went to Jiuhuang was used to find it The monk of the judge's breath? I can understand how outsiders do it, but I didn't expect it to be you. If it wasn't for this, how could that smelly boy provoke that woman and be killed by Jiang Fan? It's all his greed, and your greed. You do it yourself

Lao Jiu saw indifference in his eyes, which made him very scared.

He quickly explained: "third brother! I just want him to help you find the inheritance in advance. We will all return to Jiuhuang in the future, and then we can give you a big gift, so that you can improve your accomplishments as quickly as possible, and you don't have to waste more time to find it... "

Before he finished speaking, Chen Tianxing directly raised his hand and interrupted him.

"Enough, don't explain. Everything is in the memory of Lingyu. When you can calm down later, you can think about it carefully. In addition, I want to remind you that I am the guardian of the little Lord now. If you make a random decision again, you may face me next time."

With that, he paid no attention to the man, but looked at Wan Chen.

"Big brother, it's not so easy for us to go to Jiuhuang. At least at present, Jiuhuang doesn't accept the entry of the next Jiutian experts. The bounded spirit repels them. We don't think we have any chance in the past. But now that my identity has been spread, I don't need to say how many people want to give me an idea. Boss, you should also know. If I stay for the next nine days, I will inevitably encounter more troubles. At that time, I will probably involve you. That's not my wish. Jiang fan is very powerful. Even I have to admire him for that. Sometimes I feel that he is the devil who controls life and death. I have committed suicide three times, but I still stand here alive. I can see how amazing his means are. "

"I have felt the feeling of death for three times. I don't want to feel it for the fourth time. Don't deal with him any more. There's no chance. In addition, those old monsters in Tianding mountain are very interested in him. If Tianding mountain is really involved in it, I can't imagine how many of us will have an accident."

The woman said: "third brother, you don't have to say so much. I believe you. Even if they don't believe it, I will choose to believe it. Would you like to ask Jiang Fan if he still lacks help? Can he accept my evil cultivation? It's no fun for me to stay in the next nine days. I also want to go to ancestral land to have a look. "

Speaking of this, Chen Tianxing was helpless and said directly, "I don't know if there is a shortage of people, but I still have a say in the matter of evil repair. There is a evil repair around him, which is very strange. This time, I was planted in her hands."

Wan Chen immediately thought of something and said directly, "you don't mean bone evil, do you?"

Chen Tianxing nodded: "yes, it's bone evil. He was originally Jiang Fan's man. He was sent to Baixie Valley by Jiang Fan to investigate your news. It's ridiculous that I took her to Baixie Valley myself. Brother, you even asked him to set up an ambush with me to deal with Jiang Fan. My whereabouts are completely under Jiang Fan's eyes. It's ridiculous..."

Chen Tianxing has some helplessness. Although Gu Xie hasn't appeared recently, he still remembers what Gu Xie did to Jiang Fan. He also knows that Gu Xie's strength is very strange, and he is absolutely loyal to Jiang Fan.

Wan Chen patted his forehead.

"I didn't expect that we would be fooled by a boy in the applause. You're right. It's really not good for you to stay in the next nine days, but Jiang Fan didn't send you to the Jiuhuang hall and took you to get rid of the tracking of so many experts. I'm afraid he would offend some people, and then you should be careful. Because next time we meet, I don't know when. "

Chen Tianxing nodded, and then said: "I've basically told you everything. The mountains are high and the waters are far away. We'll see each other again in the future. I hope that at that time, you can still treat me as a brother, and thank you for coming forward to save me this time, regardless of exposing your identity."

At last he looked at Lao Jiu.

"Everything has its own karma. If you plant the cause, the child will get it. Let it go..."

After that, he hugged the crowd: "goodbye!"

No more words, Chen Tianxing turned around and left. He was such a decisive person. What he should remind, what he should say, was already said. Whether he could solve the problem was not up to him. As long as he did his part, he was worthy of change.The rest of the time, he will meet his new life, for him, follow Jiang fan that is a new start.

Looking at Chen Tianxing's back, Wan Chen and others look complicated.

The only woman in the team, Chao WanChen, said: "brother, this is the end of the matter. We don't need to gather here to avoid being found by outsiders. After all, I'm also a troublemaker. Please enlighten Lao Jiu. I'm going to meet little Jiang Fan for a while!"

Wan Chen said: "don't offend him. The person who can completely subdue Lao San is absolutely not ordinary people. We know how firm Lao San's mind is. However, he pulled us back from the hopeless situation with his own strength. I won't be surprised if any of you became the guardian of others. It's just that he made such a choice, which surprised me Jiang fan is definitely a character. "

The woman nodded: "don't worry, I have my own plan. What I said just now is not a joke. If I have a chance, it's a good choice to go to Jiuhuang with my third brother. After all, in my capacity, I don't have a place for me in the next nine days. I can't even go to Baixie valley."

With that, the woman ran after Chen Tianxing in the direction of leaving.

At this time, Lao Jiu went up to Wan Chen and handed over his precious jade to Wan Chen.

"Elder brother, I was wrong about what happened before. I'm sorry for my third brother, I'm sorry for my son. Everything started because of my greed!"

"Come on! You can go back to seclusion for five years. I believe you can really calm down. At that time, Jiang Fan also left for the next nine days. So many of our brothers have been supporting each other. We have a common heritage. We all know each other very well. The third one won't be angry with you. He just wants to wake you up. I hope you can really understand his good intentions and don't need me for other things Go and talk more? "

"I understand! I'm sorry to disappoint you this time! "

With that, he turned and flew away, his eyes flashed a cold light, no one noticed.

Wan Chen and others first said some other things in the same place, and then told the people the cause and effect of this matter, and they left in disappointment.


Chen Tianxing was not far away from the place where they gathered. Of course, he was in a good mood at this time. He came to the forbidden area and found Jiang Fan directly.

"Xiaofan, when we get back to Jiuhuang, can you introduce that girl named Han Qianxue to me? I want to take her as my soil. The ancestor of our soul bow is the judge of yin and Yang."

In a word, Jiang Fan wants to understand why Chen Tianxing reacted like that.

However, he did not ask, but simply nodded: "of course, this is no problem, the girl's qualification is very good, but the lack of a master's advice, you should understand her inheritance, which is a good thing for her."

Chen Tianxing nodded: "don't worry, I will try my best to help her, but it's not enough for me to help her alone. We have another branch in this vein. If the inheritance she gets belongs to another branch, I can guarantee that she will really rise in a short time. If not, I have to find a way to help her find the remaining forces of another branch, and we can help her together She will be promoted as soon as possible

Jiang Fan said: "these are all afterwords. When you go back to Jiuhuang, you just go to live in my power. After you become the elder there, I have no restrictions on you, and I don't need you to protect me. Just go and finish your own work. However, when my forces call for your help, you must show up. This is my only request for you. "

Chen Tianxing hugged his fist and said, "please rest assured, young master. Chen Tianxing will keep it in mind."

As they were talking, the woman came in from outside the forbidden system and just saw the scene.

She closed her mouth and said with a smile, "it seems that my third brother has been completely recruited by you. I haven't seen him respect anyone so much."

And the appearance of this person, let the jiemaizong people have to get up, Shen Yan is directly to Jiang Fan side, vigilant looking at the woman.

Jiang Fan looked at each other. He didn't pay much attention to the crowd just now, but after careful observation, Jiang Fan was surprised.

"Evil cultivation?"

The woman was a little surprised: "can you feel my breath? Or did the people of jiemaizong report to you? "

Jiang Fan said with a smile: "this doesn't need to be reminded. It's just evil cultivation. I haven't seen it before. I have my own practice of evil cultivation."

With that, Jiang Fan's breath instantly began to change. With the magic formula, his expression changed. His eyes were more confident, and even a little arrogant. The corners of his mouth rose, showing a evil smile. Coupled with his handsome face, he was very charming.

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